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Day: August 13, 2022

Who’s gonna drive you home?

4 strong posted on a most glorious morning to the “oldest” AO in the region. This is what happened…

The PAX were experienced so no disclaimer. Pledge of Allegiance. Warmup including Don Quixotes, plank jacks and Nolan Ryan’s, all in cadence. Mosey.

We headed toward the designated downtown workout area at the old courthouse. On the way we did a variety of Deep Sea Divers at the rec building and then Monkey Humpers on the corner of the town square. YHC gave a pump fake and headed us from the square toward the Ingles, stopping for some goofballs and later gravel pickers for the passersby.

We kept moseying until we ended up at Carr Elementary where the Thang would be done.

The Carr – due to the excitement of football season being upon us, we had some cool numbers to use too.

Derek Carr – current quarterback of the Las Vegas Raiders. He’s been sacked 237 times in his career. Therefore, we naturally do something using that number. Partner up and do CDDs, LBCs and Side Straddle Hops. Partner one ran around the circle while partner 2 did the work. Lot’s of cardio here!

Fellowship mosey for a bit to catch our breath before the next Thang.

David Carr – older brother of Derek and past quarterback of the Texans, Panthers and others. He really got destroyed in his career. 267 sacks all time before he retired. Ouch! Switch partners and this time, do Alternating Shoulder Taps, Dying Cockroaches and Goofballs. Even more cardio!

Because we were at Carr Elementary got us to talking about other cars. The great 80’s band The Cars came to mind and we had some riveting discussion about their music and what were their best songs. YHC believes it’s Let the Good Times Roll but others said it is Drive. The debate continues…

Mosey toward the start with some karaoke on the way.

The last Thang.

The other Carr we would learn about is the great ML Carr. He’s frome Wallace, NC, played ball at Guilford College and then the NBA for 13 seasons with the Celtics, winning 2 titles in the process.

13s – instead of 11s. Do Bobby Hurley’s at one end and Squats on the other. All while the Cars played on the ‘ole iPhone. Good times.

Time was up and we wrapped up pretty quickly. Thanks for the opportunity to lead men!

Announcements – 2nd F lunch Wednesday at Viva Tequis, F3 Dads 8/20 at The Yank, PT Test 8/27 at Gashouse, 9/10 50+ mile relay

Prayer Requests – Medicine Woman’s family, Big Pappy’s family, Huck, BOS’s dad, Wirenut’s family

Ring of fire

Tiger messaged me earlier in the week that he needed to switch Q’s with me and I obliged. Woke up to a nice cool morning and drove to the Yank with a white board in tow. Pulled in to see some getting EC and some high rollers of F3 Gastonia. I was a little nervous but I’d turn that in energy.

Mosey down to the Bunker as a train was leaving, whew! I said in my head no burpees today. Nothing really planned for a warmup but we did Gravel pickers, toy soldiers, SSHs 11x IC. I think there were 11 merkins too, OYO.

We split from the Bunker crew and head to the track. I’m going to hate the day Belmont gets rid of that.

Arrive at the track to see my white board, borrowed from my M. Mayor had a Q at the Goat a few weeks ago and I stole his idea. I switched up the exercises so it wasn’t a complete copy of his. Idea was to perform 10 of each exercise then take a lap, 9x lap, 8x lap all the way to 1 of each exercise and a lap.

Exercises were LBCs, merkins, squats, plank jacks, Freddy mercury’s, shoulder taps, SSHs, big boy sit ups, lunges and CDDs.

Everyone finished and some starting counting back up the ladder. The up and down was bad with the low rep numbers, sorry to everyone’s backs.

Plenty of time left so fellowship mosey to the shelter. Dips and derkins using the tables 20/10, 15/15, 10/20. Mountain climbers and step ups next, same reps. Finish and mosey to The Yank for some Mary. I think we did flutter kicks, American hammers, and crunchy frogs. Pizza man counted 22 push-ups for the vets and we were done.

Great crowd this morning with a few different faces. Thanks men.

Pledge of allegiance.


F3 dads next Saturday 8-20
50 plus mile relay September 10
Iron pax September
skating September 17
JJ 5k September 24

Prayers and praises:

Tesla son new job/travel
Teachers and kids in school
Courtney, hit while running
Other Runners who were hit. Be careful out there.
M’s with babies
BOS’ Dad
Breaker Breaker’s uncle
Papa Orangeman, daughter with child.
Tooth Fairy’s daughter is showing the doctors who’s boss by pulling up and standing on her own! Awesome news.

YHC prayed us out but forgot name-o-rama. Started to do it but another train came by. You’ll have to believe me in who gets credit 😉

The Gavel out.

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