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Day: August 9, 2022

The Walls Came Tumblin down.

Warm up,


Mosey around the school until we made it to the main entrance Circle.

Time for some Walls of Jericho.

American Hammer, Hand Release Merkins, LBCs, CDD’s, Big Boys, Shoulder Taps, Dying Cock Roaches,

perform an exercise take a lap, stack as you go.

While we were heading to do the next Thang, a train comes rolling through so 5 Burpees for the train.

Route 66 with Bobby Hurleys

Shortest triple Nickel ever. Squats and Burpees.

Time was cutting close Mumble Chatter was good I had the pax circle up for some tabata.

30 seconds of work and 20 of rest.

Butt Kickers, Seal Jacks (Church of God Style) High Knee, Plank, Flutters, Miranda Rights.


Prayer request Several.

Announcements CSAUP September 10th. Stay tuned to slack for mor info.

The Bed Pan is Full!

Thanks to all who showed up this morning.


Keep it moving

Gearwrench reminded me last week of a Q I did at Folsom right after he started F3 and how all the running was a struggle for him. Since he’s been pushing the rock for almost a year now YHC decided to run it back and let him see how much he’s improved. After the pledge and an extended warmup for the late arrivals we headed up to the road behind the AG Center for The Thang.


Start at one end of the road with 5 burpees then run to the opposite end for 10 merkins. Back to the start for 5 burpees then run to the opposite end for 20 IW squats. Continue in this manner with 30 American hammers, 40 Mountain climbers and 50 Big Boys then back down 40, 30…..Finish off with another 5 burpees and you’re at 50 total.


Time is running short so we hustled to the triangle for a little Dora 123.

One partner works while the other runs up the hill and back. 100 SSH, 200 CDD and 300 Flutters.


We got back to the flag about a minute or two late, but sometimes that happens.



The F3 devotional today was titled “Choose Hope” and we spent some time discussing how this helps us to get through the low points and struggles in our lives and how our faith is strengthened when we rely on God to get us through.



Blood drive

F3 Dads workout 8/20

F3 skating 9/17

JJ5k 9/24


Prayer Request



Striper’s brother

Sarlaac’s daughter

MW cousin passed

Wirenut family

Big Pappy and family

Spackle mother in law travelling

Achy Breaky’s uncle


YHC took us out.

I’m Broke

Was it 10 or 11?

YHC really should be more timely with the BB….


We did a warmup, don’t recall what is was exactly.

Then we moseyed toward River Ridge Dr.

There are 11 light poles between River Ridge @ Riverwood and River Ridge @ Plantation Trail.

It took multiple trips to confirm the last one is at the stop sign…

There were exercises at light poles and moseying in between.

Either you should been there or I should write BB sooner.

Either way…

Watts Up Powering Down.

Tabata for Two

525 YHC rolls in to a desolate, abandoned  Bulldog,  Less than a minute later, in rolls Nutria.  According to TeamUp, there is no Q listed.

530 hits and that is exactly who is there to Q – No One.

Well, lets get warmed up, maybe Spiderman hit some traffic in his long commute.

Stretches, Arm Circles, SSH and Gravel Pickers complete that activity.

Now what to do….

After a brief discussion, we settle on Tabata…

45 Seconds of Work, 10 Seconds of Rest.

4 exercises, 2 Rounds with a Round of Rest in between each set.

Alternated who called the set of 4 exercises.  Got in 4 sets, plus a little extra.

Good 1st and 2nd F…

Announcements were discussed as were Prayer Requests.

Nutria took us out.

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