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Day: August 10, 2022

Where is TRB?

I was on it. I filled in for an empty Q on a Wednesday-got it, no problem, I don’t live far from Labyrinth so I’m gonna post anyway……Weinke all set……the night before I realized I said I would Q at TRB???!!! WTH???? Where is it anyway? Quick consultation with Roscoe and a few others while I was at a baseball game the night before. Whatever, I’ll make it work. It’s a school, there is stuff there to work with.

After arriving a few minutes early I realized I actually had posted there once before. I moseyed around and got a lay of the land so I could finish the final details and almost got hit by a truck filled with 2 FNGs.

We started on time and 2 FNGs walk up, quick introduction/disclaimer and briefly talked about 5 core principles and Roscoe kept the theme going with the credo and mission statements. WU started and somewhere in there was a 5 burpee penalty for something I cannot recall. Mosey after WU to far side of school for some Hip Slappers. Got these FNGs warmed up quickly and heard some whining from the older pax too. The FNGs looked like they were my kids’ age so figured I’d give them some old man pain to start with. Next we did 11’s. I had something else planned but we had more PAX than I had expected so the Weinke kind of went in the dumpster. We did 11’s on the hill. I really wanted burpees but settled for Merkins and Big Boys. I think we had a rehash of the core principles somewhere in there then mosey to the lot for a hop-fest after a train buzzed by with another burpee penalty. We hopped across the lot, bear crawled across the non-bridge to nowhere, then monkey barred up the walkway and duckwalked down. The sweat was starting pretty good at this point. We moseyed to the track for 3 Bojangles biscuits with some burpees on each end. After the Bojangles, we did some 4 corners on the track but modified to 3 corners without the corners: 10 Merkins, 10 Merkins + 20 Squats, 10 Merkins + 20 Squats + 30 SSH.

At this point it was just after 0600 so we called it, hit the pledge, and got to know the FNGs-great guys, lot of potential for F3 both to gain and to offer for both of them. I think they are both pretty squared away guys. Hope to see Fragile and Socrates out soon.

We ended with COT and best part was hearing Orangeman’s daughter is pregnant. He had a HUGE grin as he announced this. Nice to remember the COT is not just for those in need but also for praises. Congrats Orangeman. Hope things go well and maybe we will see pictures before too long.

Good to see everyone at TRB today….


Revenge of the murder bunnies

10 HIM were brave enough the face a Defib Q at Midoriyama Tuesday.  Unfortunately for them this time of year reminds me of some of the toughest workouts I’ve ever done as part of IronPax challenge.  So I pulled out a memorable one from last year – yep revenge of the murder bunnies

Warm up

5 burpees

10 Derkins on block

10 squats with block

10 incline merkins

10 of something else

Block carry to baseball field for  a series of :


10 Burpee block jumps murder bunny 25 yards then 25 overhead press and rifle carry back to start

Run a lap

10 Burpee block jumps murder bunny 25 yards then 50 alternating merkins on block and rifle carry back to start

Run a lap

10 Burpee block jumps murder bunny 25 yards then 75 curls and rifle carry back to start

Run a lap

10 Burpee block jumps murder bunny 25 yards then 100 block windshield wipers and rifle carry back to start

Finished with 22 merkins for vets



Sept 10th 50 mile relay – start and end at Ingles with 50 mile run through all the AOs

F3 Dads Aug 20 at the yank

Sept 17 Rollerstaking

Sept 24 JJ 5K



Broke’s friend at work witnessed a man killed in motorcycle accident

Purple Haze’s friend recovering from eye surgery


Broke’s friend with mental health issues



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