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Day: August 14, 2022


Small but mighty crowd this am. Hermie still amazes me that he continues to post. Although he does not run, he still does something and adds a lot of maturity and humor to our mornings. Hope I’m still posting in 20 years….heck, hope I’m still posting in 10 years…..or even 5 years.

We started with quick disclaimer, pledge, and WU then Hermie headed out for a ruck while the rest followed me for some fun. We went to the library and did a quick side bear crawl shuffle around a tree then quick mosey to another parking lot for some suicides. The parking spaces were vertical instead of horizontal, but turns out this was actually a good thing. At the start we did 5 monkey humpers then ran suicides for (I think) six vertical spaces with 5 monkey humpers each time we got back to start. After a quick break, we repeated with 3 merkins at each start for another set of suicides. This got the juices flowing but the pax were begging for more so we moseyed over to the pharmacy for some 11’s with burpees and big boys. Eyes were rolling and bitching ensued, but we did it anyway. Leppard said something early on about hip slappers and I didn’t want to disappoint so we jumped on the wall for a couple sets of slappers then moseyed to the church steps (the PAD for the mature PAX who are in the know) for triple nickel: 5 calf raises before each of our 5 trips up the steps then mosey to basketball goal for 5 donkey kicks. Shortsale ran off some random dude that was playing 1 on nobody basketball with a flat ball???? Seemed a little strange but whatever floats your boat. Guess we could have EH’d him but he was not really interested in hanging around for long. To help pass the time on the steps, we hopped the steps 3 of the 5 trips up. Once we finished, it was getting close to time so we moseyed back to start with a short bear crawl in remembrance of an out of town PAX named Carrier who helped plant the GasHouse BACK IN THE DAY. We finished with a short wall sit then some Mary to close things out.

Our COT this am got to me a little bit. Lot of guys with struggles in our region: family members with illnesses, PAX with illnesses and struggles, injuries, and lot of other stuff. As much as I would love to sleep in and get a little extra rest, getting out here and posting is so much better for me-mentally and physically. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why that is so hard to remember each morning when the alarm goes off but each time I do get up and get out here, I realize it was the right choice for whatever reason, and that reason is not always the same reason.

Thanks for the inspiration Hermie. You are setting that bar pretty high. Would be great to have a handful of guys posting together for the next 20 years or more.


We had Visions at MO

2 ran off in various directions, 4 rucked around

QSource Discussion:  Vision



F3 dads – The Yank
CSAUP 10th
PT Test – Aug 27th
JJ5k – Sept 24
This Wed – 2ndF lunch- viva tequi


Tesla’s family
BOS’ family
Courtney – hit-n-run victim on Eagle rd
Breaker’s uncle
School starting. – parents, kids, teachers

Glad to be out there with these  PAX today.

—Bubba Sparxxx

Maddona at crossroads?

Well Maddona didn’t make it to crossroads but she did arrive at QSourse.

13 including myself made it to run, bike , ruck, walk . Great crowd and even better weather.

Miles were logged.

Also strong crowd to follow at Q source for a word on prayer.

As we sit Mayor noticed the song playing in background and yes it was Madonna “just like a prayer”

Thanks for opportunity to lead today

Pray for your brothers





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