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  • When: 03/04/2019
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Disclaimer pledge warm up coupons … carries dips derkins burpees box jumps curls colt 45s presses triceps extension goblet squat swings …. mix it up varied counts Meanders and  stuff it into a blender and that’s about it! Anything more and you should have posted to know ….although …. I may not have had enough coupons …. thankfully I listened to inner voice as JK2 so wisely pointed out …. the F3 thing is free …. that’s why we’re always spending money   Buying equipment coupons clothing ( watts up sporting new shirt… F3 logo and styling!) o f course you missed my attempt at a wipe out!

prayers for Easy Rider family

Mt Mitchell climb May 5

Folsom convergence March 30

Latini run

community foundation run /s4n event April