• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 09/02/2022
  • AO: Downtown
  • QIC: Wirenut
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Short Sale(R), Easy Rider(R), Purple Haze(R), Camellia(R), Capt. Stubing, Mayor

So I took this Q with 1 day to prep and just after finishing up week 0 of the IPC. That being said work still needs to be done. I took this as an opportunity to concentrate on recovery work that focused on stretching and slow focused reps instead of heart and lung busting cardio.

No FNGs, no disclaimer needed ya’ll know the deal.

Turn to Ol’ Glory say the pledge.

Start the warm up. We did  a little cardio a lot of stretching here. Next we head over to the steps at the Pavilion for a couple of sets of single leg stretches and calf raises. Next we moseyed over to McQuitters wall for some slow controlled one leg at a time step-ups. Right leg first 20 reps then you know we gotta give that left leg some love too. We did two rounds each leg with seal jacks between each set just to keep the heart rate up a touch. Next we headed down the hill and around the block stopping at each corner for some slow single count Imperial Walker Squats and some stretches and static holds. We made our way around the block and over to the dreaded parking deck where stacked Hand Release Merkins (5 reps to start adding 5 at each level),walking lunges up each ramp all the way to the top. As for the trip back down we stopped on each floor Big Boys (start with 20 reps and dropped 5 at each level. We moseyed back to the flag for one last circuit of Dips and Tiger Squats. 20 dips and 10 Tiger Squats for 3 rounds drop 5 Dips off each round.


We’re Done ,

Prayers: Easy Riders Family, Huckleberry, My Family, Turtleman, and all the unspoken

Announcements: CSAUP 9/10, Skate w/Mayor9/17, JJ5K 9/24, Co-Convergence w/Lake Wylie 10/8

We all got in some good werk out here this morning men and I know it was a little different than our normal routine but contrary to popular you don’t always need to go 150% HAM at every work out to get in some work. While a good barn burner is nice I think we also need to focus on form range of motion and recovery every now and again as well. Thanks for the hard work men.