• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 08/15/2022
  • AO: The Sandlot
  • QIC: Roscoe (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Cinderalla (R), JJ, Whoopee (R), Defib (R), EZ Rider (R), Flintstone, Maybelline, Captain Steubing,

A nice morning in the Gloom this morning as 9 PAX showed up to see what YHC had in store but most likely just showed up because that is there normal Monday routine.

It was almost bedtime the night before the Sandlot and YHC hadn’t worked on his weinke yet.  With the perceived success of going into previous workouts from last week’s Q at the Goat, YHC looked up a previous random workout from several years back and got inspired with what would be today’s weinke.

No FNG’s so a brief disclaimer and then we got into  it with YHC wearing a new color F3 Gashouse shirt.

SSHx 10, Squats x 10, Dive Bomber pushups x 10 and they were awful because the PAX couldn’t quite get the timing down.  Whoopee however was excited and possibly impregnated the pavement so if you see a baby pop out of the second parking space in the corner of the Pelican’s Lot don’t blame me.

With that Q Fail we moseyed the long way to the lower lot of Martha’s House for some Colonel Trautman.  Fortunately, at least one PAX knew the Rambo reference and here is what we did.

Run to the far light post for 20 merkins, run back to the median for 19 merkins, run back for 18 merkins, then back for 17 and on and on down to 1 merkin.  YHC modified the distance to another 35 yards to aid in recovery.  Most PAX got the last merkin and were hitting failure just at the right time all the way down.  Simple but not easy…Defib and Captain Steubing were pushing the pace and a group of PAX stayed together.  Great work!

Next we did burpee long jumps for about ten parking spaces.

Next we lined up for 40 shoulder taps in cadence.  This was followed by ring around the parking island where we hold plank on the curb and one PAX moseys to the next PAX and tags in around the circle.  Two laps of this and then we did the next thing.

The next thing was circle up for exercises.  Each PAX calls 5 reps in cadence and then the next PAX calls the reps for the next 5 all around the circle for a total of 45 reps.
We started with Squats, then LBC’s, then we modified to 20 Bonnie Blairs, then 20 CDD’s.

We NUR’d a few parking lights and then skipped to the next light.  Bonus points were given for skipping with Joy.  Whoopee looked like he was doing an interpretive dance skip (think Snoopy when it snows).

We then moseyed back to the start and held heels to heaven for the last couple minutes for some sharing about suicide prevention.

Prayers for Whoopee’s Uncle

Kids, teachers, Parents

Bos’s Dad and family in the Motor City

JJ’s Aunt and a broken hip

Praise from Cinderella for God’s faithfulness and answered prayers

Gentlemen, we have a 50 mile relay coming up.  Defib is on the Q.  The signup will be out shortly.  Please take advantage of this local event as bonds are strengthened and grit is demonstrated.

Always an honor to lead!