• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 08/05/2022
  • AO: Downtown
  • QIC: Short Sale
  • FNG's: Tackleberry (John Lineberger)
  • PAX: Roscoe (R), Purple Haze (R), Broke (R), EZ Rider (R), Camelia (R), Wirenut, Balljoint, Westside, Gearwrench

We’re about 4 exercises into the warm-up. Nine veteran PAX were circled around me. The circle did not include Sister Act who apparently improvised a Q that even he couldn’t recover. That was okay, despite his lack of attendance, he received the same abuse as if he’d showed. In the midst of trying to lead the cadence, I see a talk figure in a neon shirt exit his vehicle and look around reluctantly. From the distance, he looks like Time Frame but he’s walking slowly whereas any veteran PAX would hustle toward us since we were about 0534 at this point. The fella finally joins us. I greet him: “Good morning; are you here for F3?” Guys says: “Yes, Reid Jentsch invited me.” He looks around the circle. “I don’t see him here.” I respond: “I know Reid Jentsch, his F3 name is Malfunction and he most definitely is not here…but you are so welcome.” Purple Haze calls him out – “that boy is a Lineberger.” We quickly learn John Lineberger is from Dallas. I wouldn’t have known that since our FNG is clean shaven and didn’t drive a truck. But he is in training to be a Police Officer where he met Malfunction. Hopefully this wasn’t a pledge prank of sorts. In either way, let’s get back to it. I share an elevator speech on what were doing and since FNG John joined us, I add a few more warm-up exercises than my typical set. We said the pledge and time to mosey.

We go a short distance to the benches on South Street in the middle of the block. We needed them to do:

  • Circuit 1: 15 Derkins + 30 Decline Peter Parkers + 15 Derkins + 15 Dips + 30 SSH
  • Circuit 2: 15 Bulgarian Squats R + 15 Bulgarian Squats L + 30 Squats
  • Repeat both circuits

Mosey down the street to the open parking lot across from the church. I should have found one with smooth asphalt but it will have to do for us. A new routine called 60 where I give out an exercise and you do that until failure or you’re tired of it or 60 reps, whichever comes first. When you stop doing the exercise, you finish with LBCs until 60 reps. Exercises were: merkins, mtn climbers, imperial walker squats, reverse lunges, SSH’s, Burpees. After 60 reps were complete, run to the end of the parking and back to get a little cardio. For the record, none of the PAX did LBCs on the side-straddle-hops. So I impromptu added burpees – some PAX then did 60 LBCs. Q wins.

Running out of time so let’s mosey over to the parking deck. Roscoe was the only repeat PAX from my Q at the Goat the previous day. I asked him to demo the eccentric tricep dip on the parking deck rail. Like the day before, we’ll begin with 10 on one side and 1 diamond merkins on the other for 11’s. Like the day before, we got a little more than halfway through before it was time.

Annoucements: Blood Drive Aug 10th; CSAUP 50 mile relay coming up. Prayers: Melina White, Wirenut & family, Courtney (lady jogger in Belmont that was hit, Huck, Turtleman).

The FNG John Linerberger hung with us pretty good. As he is in training for the Police Department, we quickly named him Tackleberry. He actually claimed to have seen the movie. As for the other PAX, some of them modified because they had attended SA’s beatdown the afternoon before. Good on them for posting. There was good chatter among the guys and hopefully they got their money’s worth. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.