• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 02/09/2024
  • AO: Tequila Sunrise
  • QIC: Freon
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Radar, Gavel, Goose, Ocho, Norwood, Alma Mater, Cpap, Watt's Up, Nutria, Eh Ya'll, Sargento, Tesla, Boudin, Roscoe, Orange Man, BOS, Mama's Boy, Tardi Gras, Koolaid, Dr. Seuss

On February 9th 1975 a child was born, and he would go to become known as “Freon” by his F3 brothers.  What a great day, I am enjoying it.

Started with workout with a warm up with some:

20x Goof Balls

15x Toy Soldiers

Next, we did an Indian Run up to Elizabeth St. then we started with a Indian Bear Crawl.  We lined up in the Plank position, head to toe, and the PAX in the rear would Bear Crawl to the front of the line.  Each Pax would cycle through the line two times.

Moseyed to over to Davis Park and done some modified Triple Nickel.  Instead of doing 3 exercises, 5 times we modified it to do 3 exercises  7 times, and 7 reps each.  My goal was to do each of the 3 exercises  a total of 49 reps, but I am not sure of my math.  Watts up called me out on it….thanks Watts Up!!!

Started moseying back to the start.  Did a zombie walk part of the way.  When we got back to the school we did:

20x Dips

20x Derkins

10 each leg step ups

Moseyed to the large parking lot and done a Route 66.  Pax would Board Jump to the first line and do 1 CDD, and then Broad Jump  to the next line and do 2 CDDs and so on until we reached 11 CDDs.

Finished the workout with and AB Blaster:

American Hammers; Crunchy Frogs; Flutter Kicks; Reverse Crunches, and LBCs