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Day: February 18, 2024

Slaw got Roasted Then Got in His Truck and Cried

Well after joining in on the Misogi CSAUP challenge that Freight put together this morning I was beat. I figured this would be the case so I said what the heck we’ve got a perfectly good field here at Old School so let’s put it to use. So I laid out a field of battle with some cones and after a few readjustments and some equipment exchanges we were running through the worst game of Ultimate Frisbee in the history of F3. Between the Gail Force Winds and a few Prison Rules Fouls both of which I happened to be involved. I’m sorry Wiki. As for Westside I’ll not apologize. I’m not quite sure who’s fault that was but my neck and back still feel like I was hit by a Buick Riviera. All that being said these weren’t the worst injuries of the day. You see with all the bad luck most were having there was one of us who was on FIRE. It was The Man, The Myth, The Ledgend, Def Leppard. He was sporting The Downhill at Dawn race shirt and days of Leppard past were upon us on this glorious of days. And who you ask did he roast but none other than the peoples champ Slaw. When I say burned I mean I thought we were going to need to reserve a room at the Chapel Hill Burn Center for the poor guy. When heckled we shamed him and all he could do was say, “ Hey if you think you can do better then you get him.” We all said, “Nah there’s no point in anyone else needing to go to the ER with 4th. degree burns today. The Old Man caught like 5 TDs and tossed like another 3. In all reality his abuse of the Slawbag was downright disgusting. So much so that after The COT Slaw sat in his truck and cried before finally heading to Time Out to join us for breakfast. I’m telling you now if this was an episode of Chappelle’s Show Leppard would have been like “Game Blouses”. If you didn’t know now you do. If the Old Man’s not on your side then you better double team him. Well that’s all I got I’ve gotta head to Walgreens to get some Aloe Vera and nonstick bandages so Mrs. Slaw can clean and change his bandages.

Who you gonna Follow With Mr. Garvey

Get Right!

Freight had to put in some work this morning at the office so he made a substitute request and I gladly accepted.

He handed over the notes so the werk I had to put in was very little.

I held a pick of two men One gun in hand and ready to roll. The other Super tight shirt holding in about 350lbs and he was holding, well nothing but he was leaning up on something.

The question? who would you follow into battle. Jokes came up behind the big guy LOL he can block bullets. But really you will most likely follow who you know and feel you can trust that seems to be the most ready.

We then discussed the different types of fitness, Spiritual, physical, and mental.

Glad to Sub when needed.

Bed Pan.

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Just 10 Lights

Warm Up

Mosey to main street lets do 5 burpees per light on the right side to the bus station.

Immediately after the pax started the mumble chatter about how many light post were on that side.

I said 10, I sort of counted them as I drove in this morning.

All said and done we seen 10- 34 lights and did burpees at each one.

To the Methodist church calf raises then 11’s Mike Tysons and big boys.

wall sits then onto the next wall for some Australian Mtn climbers.

10-1 booyah merkins mosey the circle then 10 squats on the other side.

We had to Omaha a few of the merkins.

The Bed Pan is full!

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