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Day: February 3, 2024

Balljoint does Orlando..uh I mean Deland

I went to Orlando, all AOs were closed for a convergence/opening of a new AO/region about 60 miles from my location. Below is the back blast as written by @Swayze.

Give me my point😂



THE HOLLOW LAUNCH!! Great turnout. The regulars at The Hollow, myself included, thank you for your support. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we saw support from The Bokey, The Roost, The Mount, The Rising. and one pax downrange from his AO in Gastonia, NC! YHC started with a brief history of F3 before giving the three Fs and asking the pax to recite the 5 core principles which they nailed without problem. Thang 1 Hey Ya Sandbag Shuffle! Divided pax into two teams with a line of sandbags in the middle. Each team lined up in their “endzone” and were instructed, once “Hey Ya” by Outkast starts playing, to run to the middle, grab any sandbag, carry it to the other team’s endzone and drop it. The opposing team needed to get rid of the sandbag by carrying it the other team’s endzone. For some added fun, every time Outkast sang “Hey Ya” all pax were required to perform a squat whether they were holding a sandbag or not. When the song ended, the shuffle ended. Thang 2 Pick Up The Six YHC explained that sometimes as men we don’t communicate well. We don’t want to do the hard things. We don’t want to ask for help and we don’t like asking someone if they need help. This evolution was designed to challenge that. 13 stations were setup around the AO. Each station required all pax to work together to complete a set number of reps for that exercise. The stations were: 500 – Jerry Can Deadlifts using two 55# jerry can sandbags 300 – WW3 BBSU using 20# sandbag 300 – Thrusters using 40# med ball 200 – Ground-to-Shoulder lift using 60# med ball 500 – Kettlebell swings using 26# KB 500 – Kettlebell presses using 26# KB 500 – Ball Slams using 20# slam ball 20 – Walks around the AO using 100# med ball and 100# tombstone 500 – Merkins 500 – Knuckletouch Squats 300 – 4ct – Mountain Climbers 200 – Burpees Total reps: 4,320 PLOT TWIST: Two stretcher were loaded with 135# each. Pax were instructed reps at the stations only count as long as the stretchers were overhead. (We modified to shoulder height.) This challenged the pax to communicate well, ask if someone needed help with the stretchers, ask to come off the stretchers, and jump into help with high rep counts. We completed the task in under 20 mins. Very impressed!! CoR, Named the FNG “NPC”, NoR, ANN, TAPs, PIC, OUT!!! (Afterward, some pax participated in “The Walk” by picking up and carrying heavy sandbags. Others tried to shoulder them. Lot of fun! Use the ‘New Backblast’ button to create a new backblast

These men are beasts 💪🏻


  • SSH- 10
  • Burpee
  • Hillbillies-10
  • Burpee
  • Gravel pickers-10
  • Burpee

Mosey to the first Light pole

5 crunches and 5 big boys at each light to the flag pole

Pledge 🇺🇸

Rinse and repeat back down to the car lot.


Mosey to Tennis Courts

4 corners – Rack em Stack em

10- Mike Tyson’s

20- Flutter Kicks

30- LBCs


Rinse and Repeat backwords working are way back to just 10 Mike Tyson’s


Stay on Tennis Courts for Dora 123…

100 Squats , 200 Merkins, 300 Penguins while one partner ran to end of the courts and back


To finish it off we Sprinted 2 courts , slow mosey one court , Sprint 2… Did this 3 times with a 4 and final sprint all the way …




  • Folsom nationals February 10th
  • 2nd F Lunch
  • Sit up Challenge
  • Pushing Rocks Challenge

Prayer Request:



Jackson Hall


Hester Family


Broke’s Mom

Luke Newsome

Wirenut’s mom

Bedpan’s Great Aunt turns 88 today

Longest 30 mins

It was an honor to lead at the OG today.  Nice crowd for both bootcamp and painlab. Several pax showed up early for EC (up to 5 miles) before my bootcamp – sounds like a mistake to me.  I arrived 15 min early to warm up and saw several painlabbers already getting ready and 3 runners coming in.

Warm up

The usual – SSH and some other stuff.  Painlabbers went with Voodoo and the rest moseyed with me to the old orthopedic hospital at the top of the hill.  We stopped at Grier for some burpees and at Parkwood for a few mountain climbers just to keep everyone together.  Mosey up hill to old Orthopedic hospital for some route 66.  Mike Tysons with bear crawl x10.  Upon reaching the top we gave thanks for a beautiful sunrise and then time to rinse and repeat route 66 down the hill with squats and crab walk – a real crowd pleaser.  Mosey back to First Pres for Dora up and down stairs with merkins LBC and squats.  Somehow it seemed my watch stopped somewhere around 30 mins making the workout seem just a bit longer – oh well.  Finally wrapped up with a mini Grinder behind first Pres with stacked 10 merkins, 20 LBCs 30 squats 40 shoulder taps and 50 American hammers.  Mosey back to flag for COT


Saturday Saturday Saturday Feb 10 6:30 3rd annual Folsom Winter nationals.  All other AOs closed.

Rice and Beans tentatively set for Tues 2/13

See me if you’re interested in Tobacco Road relay – one team is formed and working on second.

Prayer requests:

Praise for Whoopee’s M who was able to represent her grandfather as he was inducted into his high schools hall of fame




Was great to see Dolph out again – He brought his 2.0 who is a chip off the ole block and the only one who could keep up with Dolph.  Keep up the good work men


The man who blames others has a long way to go.

The man who blames himself is half way there.

And the man who blames no one has already arrived.

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