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Day: February 7, 2024

Down range @ Clemson

AO: Valley of Death

Warm up exercises

Ran down to the amphitheater

6 out of 7 rounds of:

5x balls to the wall press

15x assorted merkins

20 assorted ab exercises

10x alternating squats and dips going up the giant steps

headed back and stopped for 3 rounds of assorted calf raises


SSH’s Galore

Nice group gathering on arrival at the Snoballs.


Quick stretch

Starting at 60 SSHs counting down by 10 per round

Constant to every round.

20 squats

20 monkey humpers

20 plank jax

20 mountain climbers

20 lbs

20 flutters


A round of Mary

One more round of the Constant set.

It was a great morning.

Pleasure to lead





One Third

15 Pax were warned before this workout that no points would be given if effort wasn’t applied. Onsite, it sounded like Revelations as I stated a third of them were likely already not going to get the point before we even started. Broke has ramped up the trash talk getting after Seuss. It’s quite entertaining. Other than Iron Pax this might be my new favorite time in F3. There’s nothing like a little competition to get some butts hurt. Speaking of, be carful if you drive through Dallas. I hear there is potential for flooding from the ponds of Folsom. They are filling up with tears.


Sealjacks, Freddy Mercury, Merkins, go get a block and meet back up.

The Thang:

I borrowed some sandbag exercises from a training program I’ve done a couple of times. The exercises involve multiple movements much like Shortsale often confuses us with. I started with examples then laid out sheets with instructions on it to help as we went. Below are the reps and explanations.

3-Carl Fredricksons-Block situp, put the block on your shoulder and get up from the ground, get back down, rinse and repeat with the other shoulder. That’s 1 rep.

5-GTSS-Pick the block up from the ground to your shoulder, squat, put it down, rinse and repeat the other shoulder. That’s 1 rep

10-Avalanche-Lying on your back with the block on the ground behind your head, lift the block over you then back to the ground. That’s 1 rep.

5-SALTT-Holding the block arms at a 90, lunge, twist your upper body both right and left, stand, rinse and repeat lunging with the other leg. That’s 1 rep.

3-BAD-Plank position, drag the block from one side to the other under your chest, drag back across, burpee, merkin, That’s 1 rep.

After each round we ran a lap around the parking lot.

I’ll be honest I really didn’t pay that much attention to the effort. What I can tell you is no one was really talking. There was a lot of heavy breathing and grunting. Yeah it kinda sounded like what you are thinking. Speaking of, there was some talk about Slaw, the Navy, and bathing with lots of Dudes.

Next we hit the turd shack for a few rounds of wall sits, wall taps, dirty hookups, and donkey kicks.



Announcements for this week-Wiener Nationals at Folsom Saturday 0630 all other AO’s closed.

Prayer Request-Several with sicknesses, cancer, a praise

It’s Monday


Warm Up:

We ran we did multiple exercises for 45 mins.  It was great and Fun!!

Announcements: Convergence this Saturday

Prayer request: many spoken and unspoken

Prayed us out

EZ out!!


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