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Day: February 12, 2024


2 PAX decided to brave the post Taylor Swift hangover game and the 60 degree drizzle this morning.  The number was 29 today due to my weinke from January 29th…in which I called out sick. We did play Taylor Swift music during the workout due to KC winning the SB. (Would have been Usher if SF would have won) Freon seemed pleased with the swifty song selection…I assume a closet swifty…your secret is safe here Freon amongst the brethren.

Warm up: Ran over to the elementary school to warm up . 20 SSH, 10 Weed pickers, 10 Abe Vagodas, 20 Mtn Climbers

The Thang:

29 Squats, 29 Merkins, 29 Big Boys, 29 Tricep Dips, 29 SSH, run a lap

29 Mary Catherines, 29 Incline Mercs, 29 CDDs, 29 Calf Raises, run a lap

29 Lunges, 29 Diamond Merc, @9 W’s, 29 seal claps, 1 min plank, run a lap

29 step ups, 29 delice mercs, 29 LBC’s, 29 Over head claps, 29 MTN Climbers, run a lap

Finished with 10 Bobby Hurleys, 10 plank jacks, 10 Flutter kicks, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 morrocan night clubs, and 1 min wall sit.



Usher goes to the super bowl

7 HIM weren’t afraid of the rain today at Martha’s House and they got better because it. This is what happened…

Brief disclaimer due to the lack of FNGs, Pledge of Allegiance, mosey toward the park.

We arrived at the first picnic shelter to discuss some numbers from last night’s super bowl. YHC did lots of research to come up with these figures.

The final score was 25 to 22, so we did 25 goofballs and 22 mountain climbers for three sets with a run down the pathway and back in between. For a little musical accompanyment, YHC broke out the little JBL with a playlist including Usher, Lil’ John, Luda, some of that Outkast and even Dr Dre. It was ok.

Once we finished the scoring routine, YHC asked the difficult question of what those two numbers added together totaled. Yes, it was 47! So we did 47 burpees, but not all at once, we spread them out.

After a helping of some burpees, we moseyed down to the other picnic shelter for some Dora 123. Before we got started on the routine, Stroganoff mentioned wanting to do a mosey so we did a longer one than before just to get it out of our system. Back to the Dora, partner 1 would run around a few light poles while partner 2 did the below.

  • 93 Merkins (in recognition of the winning team’s top receiver’s yardage – Travis Kelce)
  • 130 Monkey Humpers (in recognition of the winning team’s total rushing yards)
  • 455 LBCs ( in recognition of the total yards from the winning team)

We did more burpees before we moseyed back up to the first shelter for more number crunching. The PAX was asked who their favorite rappers were, Whoopee said Christmas wrapping paper.

There were 23 first downs for San Fran and 24 for KC. So we did 3 sets of 23 dips and 24 Freddy Mercury’s with a lap around the pole in between like before.

Last, the longest field goal of the game was a 57 yarder from the former Panther Harrison Butker. We did 57 Morrocan Nightclubs in cadence for this feat.

A little mary to wrap up before we headed up the the starting point. A few goofballs to get to time and we’re done. Great work men, it was fun!

Announcements – We need 2 more volunteers for Rice n Beans tomorrow night, 2nd F lunch next Wednesday at Pita Wheel Belmont

Prayer Requests – Anchorman, Turtleman, Huckleberry, Jackson Hall and Curti, Stroganoff’s mother in law

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