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Day: February 1, 2024

Newest AO – F-That!

Day 1 of the Pushing Rocks’ Challenge I intended to post at the Pub but my M said she already had plans with her workout group. Well, what to do? Party of 1 at the newest AO that no one knew about. We’ve had defections in our region. F4, the Rhyne Alliance so now it’s just in time for the Pushing Rocks Challenge: F-THAT!

As it says in our guide manual DRED says we are “Freed to Lead” and with that as of 6:00 am this morning I executed that very plan to perfection. My alarm rang and I did what any Fartacker would do, I contemplated hitting snooze. Which I executed in one singular arm-swipe – oh Hell yeah, it’s on MFer. I snoozed for a good 9 minutes until the bell sounded once again. This time it’s REAL my friend. I sprang out of bed, went to piss and promptly returned to the fartsack for another Snooze period. At 6:18, I realized I was not going back to sleep (dammit) so I begrudgingly put on 8 layers of clothes so I could handle the shock of 29 degrees and walked outside to the launch point of the newest AO: Short Sales Driveway. I quietly wonder, ‘Where is Everyone? Don’t the other PAX know this AO begins promptly at 6:30 am sharp?” Huh, guess it’s a solo start – F-That!

So I moseyed 4 miles around my neighborhood (check Strava if you want to validate). It mostly sucked because my legs are tired from this half ‘thon training Sargento is forcing me to run. But fortunately for the Q, the mumble chatter was damn near silent.

After 39 minutes, I crossed the finish line and called it a day. At most running AO’s like the Pub, this is the time when bat flippers  like SA and Seuss bemoan the slow-pokes with expressions like “it’s 6:42, don’t this jack-legs know I need to get to work?” or so I hear…but not today, it was eerily quiet as I waited on the 6 to arrive – oh yeah, that was me. TIME!

COT: Prayers for my family, Turtleman, and batflippers. Announcements – Pushing Rock’s Challenge begins today, Folsom Winter Nationals on 2/10, and the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh – Sargento, JJ, and Short Sale are making the trek for this epic CSAUP, see Sarge for details.

Just like FRC and the Half-pipe got approved for the PRC, I’m excited to see F-That build roots as one of the newest AO’s in our region. The last time Short Sale (yeah I went 3rd person on you) started a cool new AO in McAdenville called Snooze, this must be an awesome place I should visit to get an exquisite workout from the First F Champion. Well you better check yourself before you commit to this epic endeavor. But if some of you PAX are wondering – what, where and when is this exciting new AO?

F-That –

  • what day of the week? Whatever day Short Sale doesn’t post at F3 and decides to workout
  • what time? when Short Sale quits hitting snooze and rolls out of bed
  • where is the workout? Normally Short Sales house (bring your own block or kb)
  • how long – depends on the activity
  • what do you get? an epic beatdown

If anyone is interested to learn more – DM me. SYITG (or not)

Hey Hunchback – put me down for a point!


Bulldog Twenties

SSH 20, squats 10, air press 10, waist bends KB, around world 10, merkins 20, plank Jack’s 10, lbc 10, flutterkicks 20, american hammers 10.

20 KB swings
20 Monkey Humpers
20 Curls
20 Chest Pulls
20 Merkins
20 Dips
20 LBCs
20 Reverse LBCs
20 American Hammers
20 Big Boy sit ups
20 Shoulder Taps
20 Merkin pull through
20 squat curls press
20 lawnmowers
20 Around the world
20 lunges
20 Calf raises
20 Incline merkins
5 burpies

Completed 1.7 rounds!

A Bulldog Mess


Warmup: SSH, Squats 10, Air Press 10, Waist Bends 10, Around the World 10, Merkins 20,  Plank Jacks 10, LBC 10, Flutterkicks 20, American Hammers 10



20 Squat Curl Press
10 Burpies
10 LBCs
10 American Hammers
10 Burpies

10 Big Boy Sit Ups
10 Shoulder Taps
10 Freddie Mercuries
10 Merkin Pull Through

15 Squat Curl Press
10 Burpies
10 Lawnmowers each side
10 Flutterkicks
10 Burpies

15 Dips
10 Incline Merkins
10, 10, 10, Calf Raises
20 Curls

10 Big Boy Sit Ups
10 Shoulder Taps
10 Freddie Mercuries
10 Merkin Pull Through

10 Squat Curl Press
10 Burpies
10 Lawnmowers each side
20 Flutterkicks
10 Burpies

15 Dips
10 Incline Merkins
10, 10, 10, Calf Raises
20 Curls


You can’t drink all day if you don’t start early at the PUB

The Pub was open early this morning as there was some EC going on.  “Allegedly” two PAX ran four miles extra, but YHC believes that to purely bravado.

Termite’s truck was there so “allegedly” he was putting in some miles, or he could have been drinking coffee at McDonald’s, only to appear after we were well into COT.  Does he get credit for the workout?  Maybe only his truck.


In any event, Waterboy and I came in hot from a little EC to find 8 other PAX raring to go.  At 0529 instructions were given for two run options.

Option One:  Run to Parkwood Baptist and back for 5 miles OR:

Option Two:  Run Gaston Day School Road to E. Perry to Lee to S. New Hope (but run North), left on Robinwood, left on Hoffman and back to Pub.  YHC didn’t use up to date run mapping software from Silicon Valley.  It ended up being 5.5 miles, but everyone ran fast and returned by 0617 and an abbreviated COT transpired.  Apparently, no one had to leave early as there was some good second F afterwards.  I think JJ and Waterboy. wanted to stand around and let the sweat freeze before running back to their homes.  Do hard things as they say.

It was a great day at the PUB.  It is race season if you weren’t aware.  Points given out today to Breaker Breaker and YHC.  One can only hope Tube and Maybelline posted today as well.

For Recording Purposes it’s Timeframe, not Time Frame or Time Phrame

Welcome to day 1 of the Pushing Rocks Challange, Part 2.

With better numbers than usual and weighted packs on tow we clocked in just over 2 miles this morning.  Left out of Pelican’s Snoballs just after the 5:30 pledge headed for Robinson School.  Rucked around the rear for the school where the stairs the go down to the baseball field is located.  Just eyeballing I would estimate the number of the stairs to be around 30.  From the bottom of the staircase 3 calf raises per stair.  Pax waiting to go at the bottom and Pax at top waiting for everyone to finish do AMRAP squats.

Scrat had to modify because it was needed.

Headed back in the direction of Snoballs we took a quick trip up Gastone’s hill.

Return to flag and time.

Everyone here now has 1 point.

Nice start to the day, month, and challenge.

It as always was an honor and privilege.




F3 The Storm – January 30, 2024

The bitter cold only brought 13 to The Storm, but that’s okay, I’m sure everyone is getting that last fartsack in before February 1.

Seeing no FNG’s I gave a brief disclaimer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. We did some arm and leg stretches and then the four ruckers took off, and the rest went and started the beat down with a lap around the parking lot.

Running the rows of the parking lot closest to the football and practice field.

    • Row 1: 5 Hand Release Merkins + 1 Burpee
    • Row 2: 5 Hand Release Merkins, 10 Goofballs (count one side) + 2 Burpees
    • Row 3: 5 Hand Release Merkins, 10 Goofballs (count one side), 15 Squats + 3 Burpees
    • Row 4: 5 Hand Release Merkins, 10 Goofballs (count one side), 15 Squats, 20 American Hammers (count one side) + 4 Burpees
    • Row 5: 5 Hand Release Merkins, 10 Goofballs (count one side), 15 Squats, 20 American Hammers (count one side), 25 Seal Jacks + 5 Burpees
    • And what do you know… a train sound horned… so an additional five Burpees

Decrease the rep by 2 for (10 rounds) – take a lap around the front of school after round 2, 5, and 9.

  • 20 SSH
  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 Mountain Climbers (count one side)
  • 20 High Knees (count one side)
  • 20 Monkey Humpers


  • 15 Derkins / 15 Incline Merkins
  • 15 Rocky Balboa’s (count one side) / 15 Bonnie Blair (count one side)
  • 15 Big Boy  Sit ups / 15 Freddie Mercury (count one side)

We took the long way back and had a minute or two for Mary.

Pushing the Rock Challenge starts February 1
Winter Nationals on Saturday, February 10 (All other Saturday AO’s closed)
Rice and Beans on Tuesday, February 13 (See Anchorman to HC)

Ocho accepted a job offer. He begins on Monday.
My son  for getting acceptance letters to N.C. State and unfortunately waitlisted at UNC-Chapel Hill.
Cheesesteak’s daughter was accepted to both N.C. State and UNC-Chapel Hill.
Keep Breaker Breaker’s aunt in your prayers.
Those PAX on the IR and those PAX dealing with illnesses.

AO: Shark Tank, Metro

Showed up at 5:25 for a 5:30 workout that had been moved to 5:15 without my knowledge. Still, ran 5 miles and did 150 merkins in 41 minutes. Seemed adequate. Will show up earlier next time.

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