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Day: February 6, 2024

FRC #1

Behold, FRC official episode #1!!!

9 HIM showed dark and early for the earliest AO of all that time officially launching today!

A brief disclaimer was given. The pledge of Allegiance was recited, the ruckersackers went rucksacking and the fake rucksackers headed out toward what will be known henceforth as the Tool Time route. All made it back safely at the appointed time, which is 5:15am!

Thank you for the opportunity to lead this brave new AO! AYE!!!

Announcements – Pushing Rocks is underway, post! Folsom Winter Nationals this Saturday, 2nd F lunch coming up

Prayer requests – Virus’ father-in-law in nursing home, PAX on the mend, Jane Fonda, Dr. Skeet family after her tragic passing

Folsom Backblast 2/6/2024

Sizzler VQ

It was cold but nice! At least the ground was dry!

Q was as follows:


Warm up…..

Side straddle hops

Gravel pickers

Marconium night clubs

Slow Mercian’s in cadence

-Mosey to bottom of parking lot

Sprint to top 1/2

Bear crawl back down (1st 2 sprinters walk)

Sprint back to top

-4 corners

10 Mike Tyson’s

2 burpees in center

10 Mike Tyson’s

20 hillbilly squats

4 burpees in center

10 Mike Tyson’s

20 hillbilly squats

30 sizzlers

6 burpees in center

10 Mike Tyson’s

20 hillbilly squats

30 sizzlers

40 Freddy Mercurys

8 burpees in center

REPEAT 4 corners x2

Cross lot dirty 11s – hr mercans and big boys

Circle of trust

Who stole that Q?

So last Friday after YHC got back from ENC and Raleigh he ran into Gavel at HH in Belmont. Gavel said he had it at The Yank but if anyone wanted it, step up! So YHC did just that. And a collective groan went up among the natives! Here’s why:


SS – Burpees X 5

IWs X 20

Gravel Pickers X 20

Tesla Stretches

Mtn. Climbers X 20

Half pipe time!

Top: 20 step ups total, 2 burpees at bottom of the hill at fountain, 10 MHs on the next top, back the other way w/2 burpee bottom. 2X.

Head to the field of Dreams!

Herbbies ,(dedicated to the late, great Herb Brooks, coach of the US Hockey team in 1980 that beat the Soviets) and his conditioning fanaticism which worked.

5 burpees, run across the field.

5 burpees, 10 jump squats, run

5 burpees, 10 jump squats, 15 CDDs, run

5 burpees, 10 jump squats, 15 CDDs, 20 merkins, run

5 burpees, 10 jump squats, 15 CDDs, 20 merkins, 25 SSH

Broad jump halfway back, 5 rounds of chop-chop grass drills.

Burpee broad jump to the other side, rinse and repeat last round above.

Adjourn for another half pipe as above. Wind up on the playground.

10 pull ups

10 LBCs

10 HR merkins.

Run to the top of the stairs and give us a burpee.


4th Quarter! Bear Bryant time. Winning is not imperative but getting tougher in the 4th quarter is! So, let’s make it happen.

BEAR CRAWL SLALOM! Pax was gassed (as they should be) so this was tough. Everyone got I think 3 if not 4 turns.

SSH X 10

Middle of the field for chop-chop grass drill again. This time when Q said “go” instead of “down” sprint to the finish.

Back to the benches.

10 dips.

10 dirkins

10 step ups.

Done! Go to the flag.


We put the work in here boys! Just like we always do. That’s a good thing! Need a push don’t we? And maybe some buttermilk to make it all go down right.

Prayers up for Anchorman right now. We got him. Others as well.

Privilege to lead The Fighting Yank always.




The MoM Ain’t No Joke

I’ve been working on making it out to each of our regions weekday Bootcamp AOs. I am waiting to see new faces and workout in new places. So when it was put out on the ol’ interwebs that Mt. Hollywood needs a Q this week I was like why not. As fate would have it I’ve never most of these men and I’ve never been there for a workout let alone a Q so no better time to go right.  Once there I knew mostly what I wanted to do and I’m pretty good at making things up as I go along.  So after a good warmup we were off heading straight into downtown. We stopped at each pole along the way in for 10 deep squats. We then stopped at the intersection Main St. to stretch and workout the stiffness in the lower body. All limbered back up so we’re going head down to 273 aka Highland St. this time stopping at each decorative light pole along the way for 10 HR Merkins. We headed back up to the CBD shop for some more recovery work this time focusing on the upper body. We then cut down the back alley behind the downtown businesses where we finished things of with a little DORA  core work. 100 Big Boys, 200 LBCs, & 300 Flutters. We’re now pressed for time so with a quick dash between the buildings and back up Central to the Flag. With perfect timing we rolled into the parking lot just in time for the Pledge and COT only after I catch my breath that is. I’ll tell you what trust me when I say these Men of Mt. Hollywood ain’t no joke. I was the lead but I spent much of my time chasing these guys down. I’d give them a task and they’d attack it like a swarm of angry yellow jackets. Great work men and thanks Blueprint for the invite.

Folsom Nationals 2/10 – 0630

Many Prayers Spoken and Unspoken

The Storm 06-Feb-24

Gather, Disclaimer and mosey a little to get the blood flowing.  We ran by and picked up Watts Up and chased off Ocho.

Warmup:  SSH x10IC, Gravel Pickers x10 IC, arm circles.

Thang: Cool breezy morning and it has been a while since the DOD was brought out.  Lots of newer faces that I have never seen at a workout.  This is only good for about once a quarter in total and I hadn’t seen it so out comes the Deck of Death. First, we go thru the principles, in order…

Each pax pics a card.  We do the work and if its a number card, we add a 1 in front.  Certain ones have distances that we set, others we do OYO or IC.  Lots of chatter and good work.  Nutria tried to bury an exercise and as luck would have it, we finished with 25 burpees.  YHC didnt make it, but Slaw did for sure and I was counting with him.  Anyone remember that one run where I passed Dr. Seuss at the end for a kill???

Announcements: Folsom Winternationals 2/10 @6:30, 2nd F Lunch 2/21, Freon Birthday Q at Tequilas, Q School 3/2

TAPS:  Allen Tate’s son, Flintstones friends with pregnancy, Anchorman, Breakers Aunt, Cherie Berry’s dad, Jackson(s), Huckleberry, Turtleman, Jane Fonda, Montana, Alma Maters friend with Cancer



Moleskin:  I am giving points to those who showed up and did work.  Why?  Because I can and I have the power to do so and it will stir some things up.  If Seuss cant stay for COT, but does that workout, that’s on him.  If Flintstone goes for an easy drive around Belmont looking at houess and wants the credit instead of pushing himself, Y A Y….

Members Only – Group and LDP

Two GROUPS showed up this morning to push themselves, share leadership skills, and enjoy fellowship with their F3 brothers. We had a community group of ruckers and a community group of runners. Some of both groups got in some EC. Afterwards we enjoyed some warm coffee and QSource.

The Pledge


  • Announcements
  • Prayer request

YHC closed us in prayer

Self Improvement

The run / ruck crew at The Sword was a little lighter than usual this morning. I guess everyone followed King of Q’s Wirenut to Mt. Hollywood as he continues on his Q tour across the county. Afterwards we discussed various scriptures that teach us about self improvement.


Winter Nationals at Folsom this Saturday. 0630 start and bring canned goods.

2nd F lunch 2/21 at Estia’s in Belmont


Pray for Allen Tate’s son Austen, Huck, Jackson Hall, Turtleman, Luke Newsome, Flintstone’s father in law, Flintstone’s friend pregnancy


YHC took us out.

I’m Broke

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