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On the Clock

Started with standard warm ups, and a lap around the parking lot.

From there it was Merkins on the clock:
– with your feet staying in the same place, and in the plank position, hand walk to the one o’clock position from the 12 and perform 1 merkin, without rest, hand walk to each succeeding number on the clock, performing that number of merkins.  In all, each PAX will have performed 78 merkins after the 12 o’clock position.

With the same concept as above, we did Heels to Heaven on the clock, with one’s head as the center of the dial.

Mosey into town to the brick pallets lot
Grabbing two bricks, one in each hand, we conducted shoulder exercises.

Mosey to adjacent parking lot.
15 Burpees
20 Triple Bears
60 squats
Lap around the lot

Nur up the road
Bear crawl to next drive
Crab walk to next drive
Broad jump to next drive

Mosey to AO
~100 yard dash Rabbit Chase
Airplane extensions to close out

Prayer requests for Turtleman’s recovery, new 2.0’s entering the world, aging relatives battling health issues, and a friend experiencing a troubled marriage.

Wild and Crazy at The Ricky Bobby

Day before the “Pushing Rocks” challenge kickoff, rocks were already being pushed at The Ricky Bobby.  Here’s what I remember:

5 burpees to start, then standard disclaimer and warmup.  Cheesesteak was amazed as I called 5 more burpees for the train 2 seconds before he heard the whistle!  On to The Thang:  Each pax received a pink folded-in-half sticky note “wild card” to – optionally – be presented at any point during the workout, at which point pax were required to follow the written instructions.  Then, the regular beatdown continued.  We got through a full round of dirty 11s (hand-release merkins and jungle-boy squats with 1 burpee in the middle each way) and moved on to alligator merkins the long way across the parking lot.  This was intended to suck.  It took 30 seconds of alligator merkins before Orangeman pulled out the wild card.  We did 59 burpees (as a group) as instructed, then Omaha’ed the remaining alligator merkins and circled up for a called exercise (AMRAP) while each pax in turn ran to the end of the parking lot and back.  We did Bobby Hurleys, American Hammers, and Nolan Ryans until they hurt or someone pulled a wild card or both.  Somewhere in the mix, Tesla presented the wild card that called for Stargazers!  Too bad there were no stars to gaze at on this cloudy humid morning.  After another round with Heels to Heaven, moseyed back to the flag for 4 minutes of Mary.  Orangeman’s 6-shooter was fully automatic with an infinite magazine, so Kool-Aid pulled one last Wild Card and did 10 burpees while the rest of us did Mike Tysons until time.  Whew, that was a lot!

Announcements – Folsom Nationals Feb 10

Prayers for marriages, pax on IR, Orangeman’s friend struggling, and Nutria’s daughter in spelling bee

I appreciate the HIM’s who came out today and didn’t take a “rest day” before Pushing Rocks.  I hope you got your money’s worth and even had a little bit of fun, except for the alligator merkins, that was just stupid from the get-go.  Thanks also to Roscoe, from whom I shamelessly stole the idea for the “wild cards.”  Good ideas are worth repeating/copying!

  • Nutria

Midoriyama 1/30/24

Great weather and a great group of men posted for another weak sauce Q.  17:30 hits and we get to it.


Warmup: The usual (SSH, Don Q’s, low slow squats)


Grab a coupon from the pile a go to the parking lot on the other side of the turd shack.

Gorilla complex: 8 rounds of:

  • 8 Curls
  • 8 ALPOs
  • 8 Overhead Press
  • 8 Tricep Extensions
  • 8 Merkins
  • Run a lap around the parking lot

Freight was a man on a mission. He lapped everyone but Gumby. Freight called some Mary until the 6 completed the cycle.

Next, we stayed in the parking lot and performed an abbreviated version of the longest mile. 4 rounds of:

  • 10 Burpees, run 1/4 lap  around the parking lot
  • 10 Squats, run 1/4 lap around the parking lot
  • 10 Merkins, run 1/4 lap around the parking lot
  • 10 Big Boys, run 1/4 lap around back to start

Once  the 6 was in, we returned the coupons and made it back to the flag with a minute left. We alternated high plank/ low plank until time was up.


  • Pushing rocks challenge starts 2/1
  • 2nd F lunch on 2/21 Estada’s in Belmont
  • Folsom Winter Nationals 2/10 at 0630. Park in lower parking lot
  • BOS will be having a food drive at the Winter Nationals. Bring canned food

Prayer Requests:

  • Gumby’s friend that was severely burned in an electrical accident
  • Luke Newsom
  • Jackson Hall and his Family
  • Gumby’s mom
  • Montross’ mom
  • Anchorman
  • Bubba Sparxx recovering from neck surgery
  • Wirenut’s M

Thank you men for posting. It means more than you know.




The Storm 1/23

The Storm 1/23




  • 10 SSH IC
  • Squats x10 IC
  • Moroccans x 20 IC
  • Hillbillies x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Run around 3 island to warm up
  • RoL LoR 15 sec each
  • R & L leg up (quads) 20 sec each
  • On your 6 – inward toe touch, outward, straight on 15 each
  • Count off

Round 1

Group 1

  • Superman pull-ups x 10
  • Squats x 10


Group 2

  • Mosey to opposite end light pole.
  • Burpees x 3
  • Mosey back and switch

R&R x 3

Round 2

Group 1

  • Flutters x 30 Count both
  • Thrusters x 10


Group 2

  • Blockies x 10
  • PPM’s x 20 count both
  • Mosey back and switch

R & R x 3

Round 3

Group 1

  • Dips x 20
  • Derkins x 15

R&R AMRAP for 1 minute

Group 2

  • Curls x 10 (block or plate
  • LBC’s

R&R AMRAP for 1 minute

Round 4 (11’s )

Mike Tyson’s

Imperials (count R leg only)

Bonus round

  • Hip slapplers x 10 IC
  • Wall sit x 30 seconds
  • Dirty hookups x 10 IC

R&R x 2



Ocho a job

Living hope church

Jane Fonda with house


Jackson hall

Jackson curty

Bubba sparxxx




Pushing rocks


Mondays after lifeline – coffee and devotional afterwards for 10-15 minutes Cherrie berries VQ

Feb 13th next rice and beans

Sargento Q Friday for the last official FRC


Bubba sparxxx and Montana

Health and wellness

Rainy Day workout

We had 2 pax arrive for a rainy workout in the shelter.



Set 1: Repeat 6x

10 merkins

10 burpees

Set 2: Repeat 6x

10 lunges

10 squats

set 3:  Repeat 6x

20 step ups

20 dips

set 4: Repeat 4x

46 LBCs

46 American Hammers

1 min plank

Stairway to Heaven at LifeLine

My VQ and now my VBB.

Disclaimer… I am definitely not a professional and I am only making suggestions that I will probably modify myself.

Explanation of morning workout I called the Stairway to Heaven. We would start at the bottom of the hill  with our coupon of choose (cement block or kettle bell). We will journey to the top of the hill while stopping at 7 stations with 70  reps at each station then turn around for a prayer walk to bottom to start again. We would do this 3 times (that was the concept but application is much different).

Significance of 7 x 70 = how much we should forgive

Significance of 3 = heavenly completion

Warm up –

15 – Side Straddle Hops – in cadence

15 – Cherry Pickers – in cadence

PAUSE – 3 Burpees for our 3 minute late Sunshine

10 – Will Mays the Haze – in cadence

Mosey to our blocks/kettle bells

Journey to bottom of the hill with coupons in tow.

Stairway to Heaven

Station 1 – 70 Block Swats

Station 2 – 70 Hill Taps

Station 3 – 70 Bent over Rows (35 each arm)

Station 4 – 70 Curls for the girls

Station 5 – 70 Chest Press (Buckshot understood the message and begin passing out forgiveness at this station)

Station 6 – Stiff Deadlift (leave coupon here)

Bear Crawl up hill

Station 7 – 70 Raise a Hallelujah

Sunshine was way ahead of the pack. We quickly discovered he was using a 10lb Kettle Bell. Nice Modification!

Had to call an Omaha because time was running short

Round 2 was only 7 reps at each station

We then walked to front of church to mosey the long way back to the flag.

Said our pledge.

Then 5 Minutes of Mary. We went around circle to call exercise. We made it half way around then called time. I will say Tesla made me feel better about my cadence calling ability! Tesla is the GOAT!!!

COT – Announcements, then prayer request and prayer!

Many came inside for coffee & a short devotion. Great way to start a Monday!

By the way… my legs are extremely sore.

Cherie Berry

Looking back

Warmup: SSH, Merkins, & Flutters


Did most of the 1st workout(that i could remember) I attended back in March 2016 which consisted of running, SSH, Merkins, LBC’s, and Flutters – we did do 5 burpees for the train.


Prayer request: spoken and unspoken

Prayer to take us out

Thanks for the opportunity to lead

EZ out!!

Siren call

Purple Haze ran all over downtown Dallas searching for a smoke detector that was squawking loudly.

He can tell the rest of the story.

Other than hundreds of burpees done, some miles ran, bit of rucking nothing else to report.

Prayers: Bedpan co-worker’s spouse.
Our usual current concerns.

Announcements: Pushing the Rock challenge. 100 real bent knee sit-ups daily in February. F3 lunch.

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