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Hawaiian Chicken

Eleven was the number on this fine Wednesday at the Ricky Bobby, as 3 members from Team 11 showed up for YHC as the Q.  No 11s were done as part of this Beatdown.  Here’s what I remember:

FNG in the group today, so we were all on our best behavior.  Thanks to Hot Corner for the heads up, because otherwise, we were running to the entrance of Cramer Woods.  YHC is a benevolent Q.

The Thang:

  • 10 x SSH (IC)
  • 10 x Don Quixotes (IC)
  • 10 x Imperial Walkers (IC)
  • Tesla Stretches
  • 10 x Mike Tysons (IC)
  • 10 x Dying Cockroaches (IC)

To the track

  • 1 lap – Slow

Everyone’s slow is different, but we stayed pretty much together.

Quick work OYO:

  • 30 x Dips
  • 20 x Derkins
  • 10 x Step-ups (Each Leg)

The next lap was a little different.

  • Slow to the soccer goal
  • 5 x Burpees (OYO)
  • Medium Pace down the straightaway
  • 5 x Burpees (OYO)
  • Jailbreak back to the start

Defib and Nutria led the way, but good work by all.

Round 2:

  • 30 x Dips
  • 20 x Derkins
  • 10 x Step-ups (Each Leg)

Back to the flag, but not for COT (“That was the quickest 45 minutes.”)

Quick round of Core Work:

  • 10 x Star Boys (OYO)
  • 10 x Heels to Heaven (IC)
  • 10 x Freddie Mercuries (IC)
  • 10 x Penguins (IC)

Jump ropes came out next, and we did some partner work.

  • Partner 1
    • 15 x Squats (OYO)
    • 15 x Merkins (OYO)
    • 15 x Flutter Kicks (OYO – Count 1 side)
  • Partner 2
    • Jump Rope til Partner 1 is done with the exercise
  • Switch
  • Repeato until both partners have cycled through 3 times

Mumblechatter was going on, but YHC had the music loud enough and couldn’t hear.  Buckshot, Orangeman & Tesla were there, so I’m sure it was good.

Back to the Core:

  • 15 x Star Boys (OYO)
  • 15 x Heels to Heaven (IC)
  • 15 x Freddie Mercuries (IC)
  • 15 x Penguins (IC)

Then a Zombie Apocalypse to the next spot.  For those who missed it, the Zombie Apocalypse is

  • Partner 1
    • Run a distance (in this case the fourth pole on the right)
    • 3 x Jungle Boy Squats (OYO)
    • Run back and swap with Partner 2
  • Partner 2
    • Zombie Walk (Lunge-Lunge-Squat) til Partner 1 gets back
  • Repeato til you get to the end

Hot Corner crushed the Zombie Walk, to the delight of his partner, the FNG.

10 minutes left.  Right on schedule.  But 10 minutes goes quick.  For the finisher, YHC brought back a little move we did at Folsom where one partner runs a distance while the other holds plank.  Easy, right?  Well we mixed it up, so the first hold was High Plank, the second was an elbows bent halfway Plank, and last was a “balls to the ground” plank where the arms are fully bent, but there’s still space (though not much) between you and the ground.  The send one was probably the toughest.  Defib talked YHC through the last round, with Orangeman as proctor.  It was rough, and thanks to Cheesesteak for running hard to get YHC through it.

0614, only time for a mosey back.  The 20 round of Core will have to be OYO today.  That’s all we had time for.

We said the pledge and started with announcements, when Defib recognized YHC’s lack of explanations on the day and stepped up to let the FNG know what we were really doing out there at 0530 in the morning.  It’s more than a workout, and there’s strength to be gained.  HIM step up and lead, and Defib’s as good as they come.  Welcome to the group, Hei Hei.

There are no bad days at the Ricky Bobby.  Heck, there are no bad days in The Gloom.  Grateful for another opportunity to lead a long overdue Q at the Rick.

Yabba Dabba Doo

Old Back Blast, Tequila Sunrise

Warmup: Empirical Walkers, Toy Soldiers

Moseyed up the street.  Did 5 Burpees at each pole for 8 poles.  Turned around and came back with 10 Mike Tysons at each pole.  Rinse and Repeat one more time with 20 Bobby Hurleys at each pole.   Next grabbed a partner and while one partner ran to the church sign the other partner did an exercise.

50x Burpees

100x Overhead Claps

150x Merkins

200x Big Boys

250x Squats

Moseyed back to Belmont Central.

Shoulder Blaster: Baby Arm Circles; Reverse Baby Arm Circles; Moroccan Night Clubs; Chinooks; Air Presses; Seal Claps; and Cherry Pickers


Freon’s Still No Respect Birthday Q

On February 9th 1975 a child was born, and he would go to become known as “Freon” by his F3 brothers.  What a great day, I am enjoying it.

Started with workout with a warm up with some:

20x Goof Balls

15x Toy Soldiers

Next, we did an Indian Run up to Elizabeth St. then we started with a Indian Bear Crawl.  We lined up in the Plank position, head to toe, and the PAX in the rear would Bear Crawl to the front of the line.  Each Pax would cycle through the line two times.

Moseyed to over to Davis Park and done some modified Triple Nickel.  Instead of doing 3 exercises, 5 times we modified it to do 3 exercises  7 times, and 7 reps each.  My goal was to do each of the 3 exercises  a total of 49 reps, but I am not sure of my math.  Watts up called me out on it….thanks Watts Up!!!

Started moseying back to the start.  Did a zombie walk part of the way.  When we got back to the school we did:

20x Dips

20x Derkins

10 each leg step ups

Moseyed to the large parking lot and done a Route 66.  Pax would Board Jump to the first line and do 1 CDD, and then Broad Jump  to the next line and do 2 CDDs and so on until we reached 11 CDDs.

Finished the workout with and AB Blaster:

American Hammers; Crunchy Frogs; Flutter Kicks; Reverse Crunches, and LBCs


I was told, this AO ends promptly at 0615

My VQ at the Pub coming years after this AO was created has a very good reason which proved correct Thursday morning. No, not because a poor deer was shot out of its misery as we moseyed (yes, that was true). Unlike Sunday mornings where the 0630 start ends “loosely” at 0715 with a 15 or so minute buffer for COT to be completed ahead of QSource. No, these running AO’s have a time constraint because I learned a few years ago when my turtle-like pace prompted Sister Act to announce: “Short Sale, we end promptly at 0615,” tapping his watch for emphasis, then continuing: “some of us have to get to work!” So, there was always some trepidation to Q the running workout. I don’t claim to be a runner, though I’m committed to participate in the Austin Half next weekend. Since committing to more running the past few months, I’d secretly hoped the by-product was I’d get a little faster, maybe even a sub-9 pace? But even with running more miles in a week than Flintstone on a Sunday afternoon, my legs have become heavy, and I feel like an elephant migrating in the jungle. Oh, well, F-That!

0530 – a large circle assembles to hear the route: “Run to Martha’s and back!!” I sped out of the gate, “Quiching” the PAX in my dust. Defib complains (was it a complaint? maybe it was a statement of fact – see Sunday Q-Source led by Stroganoff), Defib “states” I just ran from my house and will now run by it twice more only to return after the PUB. And? Just like when these clowns thump their chest on how hard their EC was before a Saturday bootcamp – “#1) Who asked you to perform EC? and #2 do you think the Q gives a shit?” 5 miles is 5 miles, doesn’t matter if it’s via a treadmill or if you run up and down your street 500 times. Soooo, back to the workout – I’m not a fan of out and backs, they seem pointless, and loops are more scenic. But if you can’t Q-it, don’t do it – so I knew Sister Act would be on me about a prompt finish at 0615, or so I thought. The route was designed for that purpose (and in case we saw a lame deer in the road get shot – bonus). I led the PAX for maybe 0.2 of a mile but the PAX began speeding by me. I even tried the blocking scheme on Sargento to no avail. Soon I had been quickly replaced by the entire population of PAX to last place.  “Don’t worry guys, Q has the 6!” Here is another thing I learned about being the slow poke Q of a running workout – it’s all about the ego – Everyone has to run as fast as they can. What if some 300 lb FNG shows up? I guess “sucks for them.”

Oh, well – F-That! Once I got 22 minutes and two miles down the route, I 180-ed and went back the other direction whence we came. I took a quick lap in a patio home community and then circled the long way back to the Pub via Duke Street to kill some time (still ended up at 4.5 miles). Waterboy and Slaw sped into the parking lot. Defib was close behind, disciplined to avoid breaking off the route and into his neighborhood (Discipline = Freedom). The others trotted in and then we waited. 0615 had arrived and still 2 PAX yet to join the circle. 0615.30 and still waiting. 0616 – Stroganoff tells me he has “the opportunity to attend work” (not a complaint!) and he must leave early to embrace the opportunity. 0617 – Defib also informs me he must leave to run back home (again, I think that was a statement, not a complaint, but he did not use the affectionate words of Stroganoff who is reading the book on not complaining). Ah, here we have our straggling PAX at 0618. I tap my watch to emphasize the time – “Hey Sister Act, I was told we end this AO promptly at 0615.” (Roscoe was his sidekick btw). SA shoots me a douchey look of disgust. I guess on his new work schedule his nap doesn’t begin until 10 am now, so he has time to lollygag on his pace and avoid another injury.

Prayers – we said ’em

Announcements – you know ’em

Plate Tectonics

At this week’s edition of The Halfpipe, we discussed various topics including the moon and how the Halfpipe hills seemed steeper this week probably due to the Earth’s subterranean movements. Apparently, stop signs are still optional in the Kinmere neighborhood.

5 ran, 1+ rucked. Scrat was there and evidently he had something for dinner the night before that caused him to drop a present with an aroma that may have woken up the neighbors.

“Same as yesterday”

Prayer Requests
Dr Feelgood’s family
Stroganoff’s Mother-in-law
Harry Petrie

Prayer to take us out

Until next time…

Midoriyama 2/8/24

Track season is starting next week for me and i wanted to have some fun at Midoriyama since i will not be able to attend very often for the next few months. Played some ultimate frisbee rules football to celebrate Super Bowl weekend. It ended up being a great workout for all. Good work Leppard, we won!

Mayor is a Jacka$$

Not that it’s a surprise or that anyone needed to be told but The HIM known as Mayor is apparently a Jacka$$. This and many other topics were thoroughly discussed at this this morning’s installment of The Weak and The Restless at the Best Friday Morning AO in The Region. We did manage to get in a workout despite all the chatter. We did a lot of SSHs, Merkins, Squats, Mike Tyson’s, Big Boys, etc… on our tour of The Fuse District. Once back to the Rotary Pavilion we did a bunch more SSHs paired with a few rounds of Burpees.




See y’all next time.

Now known as Death Wish

4 HIM showed to the 2nd installment of the official FRC. No extra R’s in attendance today, just straight running.

In the many convos that happened during the run, it was determined that hospital name Gary Bret Meek will be renamed Death Wish. If you’ve ever run with him, you know why.

Announcements – Folsom Winter Nationals, nonperishable food collection at Folsom, 2nd F lunch in a couple weeks

Prayer Requests – Death Wish’s students


Giselle bringing the heat (and the mileage) to Ranger. Many complaints about the pace, but we managed to fit in over 4 miles, a good number of exercises, and several parking decks, including the Mothership.

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