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Day: February 13, 2024

BullDog Thirties


20 Side Straddle Hops, 10 Air Press, 10 Waist Bends w/ KB,  10 Around the World, 20 Merkins, 10 Plank Jacks, 10 LBCs, 20 Flutterkicks, 10 American Hammers



30 Seconds:  Goble Squats
30 Seconds:  Monkey Humpers
30 Seconds:  Merkins
30 Seconds:  Tricep Extensions

30 Seconds: Flutterkicks
30 Seconds:  American Hammers
30 Seconds:  Freddy Mercuries
30 Seconds: Merkins

30 Seconds:  Curls
30 Seconds:  Shoulder Press
30 Seconds:  Lawnmowers
30 Seconds:  Halos

30 Seconds:  Plank Jacks
30 Seconds:  Shoulder Taps
30 Seconds:  Dips
30 Seconds:  Around the World





Eighteen HIMS rock The Storm

 It was a great morning for a workout following a day of rain. The dry front was still moving through so the winds were gusty at times, but that just carried the sweat away and made the day even better. Eighteen pax turned out to improve themselves.
We started with warmups and stretching, them moseyed into Goose’s Eleven, which was Ten Squats, Ten Merkins and Ten Big Boys with a sprint to the 1st set of parking spots and back. Then of course, 9,9,9 and to the 2nd set of parking spots and so on.
10 Little Baby Arm Circles (LBAC) in cadence, 10 reverse LBAC, 10 Seal Claps and 10 Ray Lewis (overhead claps). Mosey again and into 10 Stepups each leg, 10 Triceps Dips, 10 Derkins and a lap through the driveway circle (do that five times). Another full set of LBACs etc… and we were done.

Prayers for Breaker Breaker’s family and friends, Orangeman’s three friends, and a teacher known to Koolaid with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

And Q School is coming up March 2, highly recommended.

Body Movin!

Nice turnout at the Bulldog with a visit from the Nantan.  Welcomed dry conditions after several rounds of rain.  Around 50 degrees.  All around a good morning.


4 Sets of 3 exercises.  Each set included upper, lower, and core.  There was some yoga mixed in.

All in all a good workout and a great way to start the day.

Thank you for the opportunity.  Always a pleasure.


PSA:  As a courtesy to the teachers we have been asked to please park in the handicapped spaces and front row for our workouts.  The back row is for the Teachers.




Just when you think SIB couldn’t get any harder with Nash at the helm, Tax Break comes in on Nash’s day off and says “hold my beer”. Lots of nearly spilled merlot today.


4 S. Charlotte PAX (plus YHC), braved the horrid conditions and torrential rain (it actually was totally fine) to get in an insane amount of miles (or 6.75) on an adventurous route (the same one we do almost every week) at blistering pace (like 8:30s). It was a good time.

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