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Day: February 4, 2024

Yee Haw Look at them Boots! Crossroads 2/4/24

Great crowd at Crossroads this morning with some good weather (albeit cold) to boot.  Hal said he was tired and looking forward to some 8:80s following a solid 12 miler w/ a gang of misfit, no-rep, backblast shut-outs from Old School the day before.  Mucho rucking and running was done by 12 HIM.  Sister Act joined the COT changing into his work uniform which with those boots and tucked jeans could have easily doubled for a night on the town at the Blue Oyster!  We moved indoors to discuss the LDP for Qsource.

Announcements:  Folsom Winter Nationals next Saturday @ 06:30 meet in the lower parking lot near the shelter (all other AOs closed) / 2nd F lunch @ Estia’s 2/21

Prayers:  Broke’s Mom, Gumby’s Mom, Wirenut’s Mom, Luke Neusom, Anchorman, Wojo’s Dad, Unspoken

Was the Q Lollygagging?

Good crowd showed for the Coconut Horse this morning.  Some ran.  Some rucked.  One extra showed for Q Source.  It was colder than expected.

The Q (YHC) is nursing a lower back issue so I ran a slightly different, flatter and shorter route at a slower pace than the PAX.  I was then accused of Lollygagging (rightfully so relatively speaking).  We all survived and got better for it.

We are in the midst of a “Q-Choice” for topics during Q Source for the next couple of months.  Today, we discussed a book and concept on A Complaint Free World.  It was a great discussion about how often we complain (I’m at the front of the list) and the reasons why.  I was shocked when I really started paying attention to how often I complain and negatively impact those around me.  I would encourage you to do the same.  I am on a journey to make it 21 straight days without complaining.  I am not there yet. I have started the day count over multiple times.  I will continue to work on it.

The two reference books are A Complaint Free World by Will Bowen and The No Complaining Rule by Jon Gordon.

It was an honor to lead.

Until the next one.  Aye!


Hill Hustle

10 Pax posted at Old School and I don’t think any of them so this workout coming.


Let’s Mosey! Across town we went stopping at any intersection for 5 squat jumps and any power/telephone pole(gotta be specific for them Duke boys) on our left for 5 hand release merkins. I’m not sure how many but we went a good ways.

The Thang:

Over on the hilly side of town at the bottom of Brookgreen St. It’s a halfpipe style street. Partner up. Do 5 booyah merkins at the bottom then run in opposite directions to the stop signs and back. One side was steeper but the other side was longer. SSH while you wait for your partner to return. Do this until you get to 25 booyah merkins. There were some, lets call them frustrated, PAX at this point.

Mosey back up the hill to Queens st. 4 corners on the block stacking them as we went. 10 merkins, 20 starburst, 30 imperial walkers, 40 freddy mercurys. This block is made up of some good hill action.

On our way back we stopped at the cross section of Cedar and Puett St. We did the previous 4 corner stack’em by going in various directions of the crossroads but we did a lower number of the reps. This confused a few. Mostly because they don’t listen to the instructions. Wait what are we doin?

Some PAX were getting nervous as they thought we had 9 minutes left on the clock and a 10 minute run to get back. I had it all under control. On the way back we stopped at each intersection for 5 WWI’s. As we tried to cross Trade street traffic was heavy but a friendly driver threw on his beacon lights and pulled across the road to block traffic for us. Awesome good neighbor stuff right there.  It’s still exist.

Once we got back we had time for a few minutes of some Mary.


At this point a few runners came in from a long run. There was some debate about whether they should get points for this. While they were technically parked in the starting area they were not present for the workout. Now normally we allow it but it is game season so it’s time to break out the rules on’em. By the power vested in me as Q for that day I sided with those that were present for my workout. I will however mention that Broke, Gumby, Slaw, and the Nantan pushed some rocks by completing a 12 mile run. Well maybe not Broke and Flintstone. They run a 12 mile run weekly now a days.

Announcements for this week only- Weiner Nationals next Saturday. All other AO’s closed.

Prayer Request-Gumby’s mom, Wirenut’s mom, a few praise reports.


Are you really bothered by the point system and who gets points for what? Maybe you should stop being a puss or maybe this isn’t for you. Are you bothered by people talking trash about it? Maybe you should stop being a puss or maybe this isn’t for you. Did these two statements bother you? Maybe you should stop being a puss or maybe this isn’t for you.

I often battle with the things I say. I know many of you think I don’t think about it but I do. I mull over if I’ve gone to far. I’ve had to apologize many times. Many, times! I have concluded that often as hard as it may come across they need to be said. I play the role of Mr Vice(look it up) because there has to be one. While as harsh as it can be sometimes there’s usually at least an ounce of truth in it and let’s face it some of y’all are too soft and need something hard to smack you in the face. Other than when you were in the Navy.

Unorganized chaos

Hey I got this back blast done in record time! Here’s what we did.
Warm up

Stretches 2-3 min

Stations: 1 :20 seconds timer


Flutter kicks


Freddie mercury

Squat/ curl/press

American hammers ( slam ball)


Crunchy Frogs

Dora P 1 lateral lunge down one way the opposite back x2, Third time down regular lunge (25 yards )

100 merkins

200 curls

300 Squats

Dora#2 Duck walk down x2 , Reverse  lunge  on third set   

100 big boys

200 chest press slow and controlled

300 dips


Finished with 5 min of Mary and it was over. Great to see all of y’all out there.

P.S.  When I preview this the location and other fields are not showing up.  This was Saturday 2/3 at Pain Lab.   These men were present

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