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Day: November 2, 2023

Is that insurance fraud?

It would have been easy to do something in the well-lit area of the parking lot that was mostly clear of debris.  We aren’t about doing easy things, though.  After Slaw’s warmup, I directed the Pain Lab Pax over to the pitch-black area near the picnic tables, covered with acorns, gravel, and stray mulch.  We managed to overcome these minor obstacles.  The rules were simple:  100 seconds of work on a pair of exercises (switch when and as often as you like) followed by 20 seconds transition.  Alternate exercises as frequently as you need to, but keep working all 100 seconds.
Overhead press / Upright rows
Goblet squats / Step ups
Big boys / Heels to Heaven
Kettlebell swings / Squat-curl-press
Derkins / Dips
Bulgarian split squats (left) / One-legged overhead press (left leg, right hand)
Bulgarian split squats (right) / One-legged overhead press (right leg, left hand)
Star crunches / American hammers

Rinse and repeat until time.  3 full cycles took us to 0759.  Rejoined bootcampers for COT.

See Gashouse BB for announcements and prayer requests.

As always, privileged to lead a fine group of HIM’s this morning!
– Nutria

No Slaw on these buns

Last afternoon Midoriyama frisbee before fall time change.
The two oldest nantan got to pick teams.
One team lost, so the other cheated as always.

Slaw didn’t attend. We missed you.


Impromptu sick out (LOL) tomorrow for Sister Act Q downtown.

24 hours No Brainer Relay this Saturday at Old School 0530 start. Come and support these men and this good cause event. Walk, Run, Ruck a lap or two.

Touchdown Beatdown & Frisbee Football at Old School 0700 Saturday.

Charlotte marathon Saturday.

Don’t forget to set clocks Saturday night.

F4 Freight’s Trail relay Nov 18th. Sign up.

Christmastown 5k Speed for Need Nov 25th. More pushers needed for 4 chairs.

Convergence at Yank Dec 2nd.

Christmas party at Lewis Farm Ranlo same day.


Gumby’s mom
Pockets dad
Happy Trees family member
Pallbearer son
Clavin’s M
Oompa Loompa
Quiche travel back to USA
Others not mentioned.

YHC took us out.

Backblast completed in +/-two hours to make weasel shaker happy to see a good example.

Halloween’s Over

Three ruckers and a mutt braved the Artic blast coming down on  Diablo Sammich this morning.  To stay warm, we thought it would be a good idea to stop for squats in front of every house in the Riverwood neighborhood that still had their Halloween decorations up.

Bad idea.

Prayer requests: Turtleman (Tube gave an update); the Blakney family.

-Hunchback out Shamrocks and Four-Leaf Clover | Just some thoughts I have...

It takes COURAGE

We rucked, others ran. Courage was the topic for Q-Source


Freight trail run November 18

December 2 party and convergence

Beer ruck December 9

24 hour run November 4



Turtle Man

Red Ribbon


Tiger’s mom

Injured feeling better

Weak Sauce in the Cold

YHC (and at least one or two more) has been battling some sciatic nerve pain for a while, so the beatdown was a little less intense than my normal Q’s. Kept the PAX moving and tried to get a full body workout in. Might have hit the shoulders a little hard. Here’s what happened:




Mosey up the main hill to the upper lot at the AG Center stopping at 5 locations along the way for 5 Big Boy, 10 American Hammers and 15 Flutter Kicks.

Line up on one side of the parking lot and do the following routine x5:

5 Mike Tyson’s

Bunny hop or Broad Jump across the lot

5 Burpee’s at the island

Bunny hop or Broad Jump across far lot

5 Perfect Form Merkins

Run back to start


Zombie walk to the small lot for Dora 1-2-3

100 HR Merkins

200 CDD’s

300 Shoulder Taps


Mosey back to the start with the same stops for the same exercises as on the way up.

5 Burpee’s to close us out.



24 hour run and Old School / Folsom Convergence this Saturday

Trail Run 11/18

Frisbee tournament on Thanksgiving Day

Christmastown 5k 11/25

Lunch at The Lodge 11/15

Convergence and Christmas Party 12/2


Pray for: Huck, Turtleman, Hall Family, Sarlaac’s daughter, Israel, Payton Parker, Pallbearer’s son


YHC took us out.

I’m Broke



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