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Day: November 6, 2023

Not all failures are the same

10 Pax posted at Crossroads on Sunday morning. Some ran and some rucked. Some stayed for Q Source and some left to go make a joyful noise at church.

We continued our discussion on leaders. I brought in Abraham Lincoln but specifically talked about his failures. He lost businesses, jobs, and multiple elections and still went on to be considered one of the best presidents we have had in the United states. This lead us into discussing how we look at failure. Freaconomics podcast recently did a 4 part series on failure. I recommend listening. It part 1 Amy Edmonsin talks about the Spectrum of 6 failures. These range from blame worthy to expected. I thought it was helpful to categorize your failure to see how much at fault you are and to help determine the reasons for it.

Never miss a Monday

Small crowd. Who didn’t change their clocks?

Some ran. Flintstone led a ruck themed workout for the rest.

Hero WOD next weekend
Freight’s Trail relay the 18th
Thanksgiving morning frisbee tournament
Speed for Need at Christmastown 5K
Christmas party

Wirenut’s family
Broke’s mom
Others not mentioned

Mt. Hollywood – 06-Nov-23 (TRIVIA)

I was out-manned, outgunned, outworked and probably many more things this morning.  Blueprint let me take the Q and because he posted some verbiage on Slack, I wanted to end with some USMC trivia as he is a Marine.  He couldn’t answer so the other two would, but Black Flag is also a Marine so it all fell to Freon.  We did three burpees for every wrong USMC trivia answer at the end of the workout.  We found out Black Flag was a marine based on how confident and boisterous he answered the USMC founding question.

It was lots of fun and I chose this work as it hit a lot of support muscles we often neglect as well as major groups.

Warm Up:


Grass Pickers x10IC




Tip Raises x10IC (20)

Calf raises x10IC (20)

Bent knee calf raises x10IC (20)

Sitting hip flexor raise x10IC (20)

Split squats (curb or bench) x10 each leg

Step ups x10 each leg

Merkin x10

Shoulder taps x10 each arm/shoulder

CDDs x10

Big boys x10

Leg Raise x10

Run two laps



Announcements:  Shirts for Mt. Hollywood are coming out so look for that and support this AO, Trail Run Poston Park 11/18 – DM Freight, Ultimate Frisbee Poston Park 11/23 – DM Freight,  Beer Ruck 12/9 – DM BOS, Convergence at The Yank 12/2 and Christmas Party at Lewis Farm 12/2 (See slack for sign up and voting),  2nd F Lunch at the Lodge in Belmont Noon 11/15.

TAPS:  There are so many out there so as you go thru the day, be grateful for your troubles and strife and look to the good in your life.

What year was the Marine Corp Founded?
If a Marine graduates from Camp Pendleton, they are classified by this nickname?
This is the most decorated marine and recruits say good night to him every night?
This obstacle at OCS in Quantico, resembles my last name and shares it with a famous Australian?
In the USMC hymn, they are famed to have fought piracy on these shores?
In the move Full Metal Jacket, Private Joker is asked to give one of these to the Commandant and one to the “blank”, but the blank doesn’t get theirs?

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