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Tequila Sunrise -10/27/23


Mosey to Four Square Church parking lot

did a handful of exercises and then continued mosey to the American Legion where we said the pledge and the. 21 merkins.

Moseyed to baseball field for some 11s up/down hill.

10 burpees at bottom of hill with 1 merkin at top. Rinse and repeat shifting reps, 9 and 2, 8 and 3, and so on until 1 burpee at bottom and 10 merkins at top.

start mosey back to school



Prayer request and praises

YHC close in prayer

The Accumulator

When 0700 hit, YHC gave a quick disclosure and explanation of how my typical trivia worked and off we went.  We moseyed down to the pit for a 60 second wall sit.  We then started our mosey out of the pit when I realized the far side now has a gate.  U-turn back to the other side of the pit to exit.

Mosey to the street beside the train tracks for a Route 66, skipping every other parking space.

We then headed to the main pavilion in Stowe Park for some Corewood.  I called out each exercise and we did the following:

  • Pretzel crunch
  • Crunchy frogs
  • American Hammers
  • Dying cockroaches
  • Big boys

We went up the hill and everyone did the following, OYO, in any order they wanted:

  • 20 jump squats
  • 20 dips
  • 5 pull ups
  • 1 lap of the track

Rinse and repeat two more times of that.

Fellowship mosey to the track where we did the accumulator.  Do exercise A for 60 seconds, take a lap.  Do exercise B for 60 seconds, exercise A for 60 seconds, take a lap.  Do exercise C for 60 seconds, exercise B for … you get it.  We did the following:

  • SSHs
  • CDDs
  • LBCs
  • squats

Traffic was starting to get heavy around the track as people were getting there to set up for a festival, so we headed back to The Yank for a couple minutes of Mary.


Prayer Requests


What is it we’re doing here?

So on the next to last day of EDT this year some warriors gathered not in the gloom but the stomp down DARK to do some work with Tesla. That was their mistake! If you consider posting to be an error of judgement which 97% of the world would. more about that later. Things went like this:


Quick stretch including Tesla stretches

SSH X 20

IWs X 20

Grapevines X 20

Mosey over to Cemetary Hill for some six shooters. Went like this:

Run the hill, 10 burpees at the top. Return to bottom

Run the hill 20 big boys

Run the hill, 30 merkins

Run the hill, 40 squats.

Run the hill, 50 CDDs

Run the hill, 60 SSH

Stay at the top after the SSH and mosey over to Main Street for some wall work.

three sets 10, 15, 20




Inclined Big boys

Quiet mosey in “formation” through the Reserve. Wind up back at the field at the school.

Bear Crawl Slalom!

Done and pledge.


97% of the nation wouldn’t show up to do this regardless of Q or condition. Maybe more like 99%. What makes the 1% different is those are the guys who get that preparing to win is more important than just winning. At anything. And leading anything well. I just observed my 10th F3 anniversary and it is all about getting better and being durable through the process. That describes @ 1% of the population. And that’s a problem especially for men in the US. We aren’t taking risks and we have gotten way to comfortable as a society. It is showing up in men not working, not getting married, and having kids out of wedlock, all at an alarming rate. Last week I had a college reunion that I was an RA with and involved in student government with. We were the 3% crowd that stood up. And it shows up now.

So what is it we’re really here for? Each other! And to rebuild what has been lost which is masculinity and taking the hard road. It’s time!



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