I did not do a good job promoting this and I wish I had put more effort into it. The Chad1000X event is a pretty cool thing but in my opinion really requires some special training to be ready. If you don’t train, it doesn’t mean you can’t participate, but not many of us can do 1000 step ups with a 50# ruck in under an hour and have a relatively normal day after that without some training. So……..next year I plan to do a little better because I think this is a great event and bringing awareness to military suicide prevention seems like something worth promoting.

I got there a little late due to power outage at my house 3 minutes after I woke up. It was a bit of a cluster#### at my house so I was happy to finally get there. Three guys were into it and I did my best to catch up. Roscoe had the music going strong with lots of George Strait to keep us motivated while staying focused.

About next year-maybe a little AO competition, each AO sends their champion representative plus whoever wants to participate? Maybe there will be prizes for winning the competition? Maybe individual and also 2 or 4 man team event? We will see. I am open to suggestions so hit me up if you have an idea. The main reasons for the backblast were to thank the guys who posted and hopefully challenge some of you to consider participating next year on Veterans’ Day.