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Day: November 28, 2023

The Mogadishu Mile with Loredo

We ran through 2 tough HERO/Memorial WODs on Veterans at Old School. What I saw out there was Awesome. You guys left it all out there. While we all held our own during The Mogadishu Mile WOD it  was the Loredo WOD that separated the PAX into 2 different groups. Broke and Gumby found another gear and smashed through all rounds with time to spare. MW, Flintstone and I didn’t quite finish on time. I’m especially pleased to say all work was done with good form even as we started breaking down. The failing of reps nor the failure to finish the workout on time is actually a failure. Failure to do the work or failure to attempt the work is the failure. There was a lot of grunting and gnashing of teeth to grind through these workouts. They’re tough that’s the point. The men these workouts were created in honor of gave their all for us.

Thanks for the Hard Work

Thanks to all the Vets out there

A failed attempt at an AR-7 workout

I chose this workout because it’s Halloween and this THANG is scary when performed correctly. That’s where I failed because I didn’t run it correctly. AR-7 stands for Accelerated Results 7. The theory is that you can get in an insane amount of reps at a little lower than normal weight and lower than normal rep count by cutting the rest and adding a lot of rounds to your circuit. Well I completely dropped the ball on this one. I guess you could say I dropped the block on this one actually.

The workout was supposed to go like this.
7×7 for round 1 then rest or active recovery for 1 minute then 6×6 for the next round and 5×5 for the final round. We only made it through the first round as I got overzealous with the active recovery piece. Here’s how it went.

Working sets were as follows. 7 exercises with 7 reps each for 7 rounds.  Blockees, 1 Arm Rows, Thrusters, HR Merkins, and JB Squats. Active recovery was 200m Rifle Cary after each round this took well over a min. each time and it should only be @ 15-20 sec. rest between sets until your final set  Then it’s @ 1 min. recovery then back to work with the next round of torture. These active recovery times ate up all of my workout time so with @15min. to go we hit a few AMRAP sets of whatever I could think of and we headed back to the Flag stopping a few times to get in some NAVY SEAL Burpees along the way.


FYI the total rep count will be 110 reps for each movement for a total of 770 reps in the WOD. I know that’s not an absurd number but when you keep the work moving and drop the active recovery times back this should be completed in about 30 min. tops. It can quickly become a heart and lung buster if done correctly.

I will put this one back in the rotation soon and we will finish all rounds when I do.


Until Then


Lots of Leg Work and a Stacked 4 Corners

It was some of the usuals at Old School. No disclaimer quick warmup and off to the wall for some slow step-ups. I was in need of some single leg and stability work so we did 2 rounds strict one side only triple nickels. First go round was right leg only step-up with a slow deliberate cadence without any momentum. Run across road to the curb for right leg only calf raises same as the step-ups slow and steady no bounce or momentum. Repeat for 5 rounds. We had to rinse and repeat for the left side cause you always have to give that left side some love right. We’re now off to the Old Courthouse for a lot of rounds of 4 corners. The reps and work were stacked and escaladed with each round. We got in a lot of  JB Squats, Derkins, Bulgarian Split Squats and Big Boys.  It was 5 reps at each station for the first round. The rep count  went up by 5 reps each round until we hit 25 reps at each station before we worked back down to 5 again. Time was getting away from us so we headed back for the COT.

Thanks for the work Men.


I haven’t Q’d a workout in a while, came to Folsom the other week and Pony Boy asked if I would take one… why not.

I pulled in a little early this morning, got a short run in then got started.
The men circled up , SSH 15 ic to get the blood flowing, on to the Block pile! Everyone grabs a block, we head back to the light pole infront of the old pound entrance, we did one exercise at the light then run down to the Folsom parking lot entrance and did the other, then run back up the hill and rinse and repeat!

10 Blockees at the top/ 10 Burpees at the bottom, 4 sets

15 Thrusters at the top/ 15 squats at the bottom, 4 sets

20 alternating block merkins at the top/ 20 merkins at the bottom, 4 sets

Time was up, we headed back to the launch for the COT!

Prayer request- Jackson Hall and his family, other family members and each other!

Announcement – Christmas party this Saturday, convergence this Saturday at the Yank

Thanks for the opportunity to Q!

The Storm 28-Nov-23

Circled up for the disclaimer and pledge and then took off for a slow mosey to warm and loosen some things up.

Slaughter starter and after that we reviewed the principles and motto of F3.  No more need for a warmup so we went into it.

The Thang:
Partner up for a super DORA of merkins, squats and flutter kicks.  One partner works while the other runs to the end of the isle and back.
Once complete, move to wall to catch a breath and a grab a 60 second wall sit.
Change partners for a standard DORA of CDDs, step back lunges and leg raises, but YHC was informed that Seuss and Olsen, two bat flippers, didn’t switch so we all just modified for a burpee ring of fire for a few rounds.
Mosey back to the beginning for some Mary:  V-ups, protractor, box cutter, crunchy frogs and that’s time.

Announcements:  Convergence 12/2 @ the Yank, Christmas party 12/2 @ Lewis Farm at 6:00, Beer Ruck with BOS at River Brewery in McAdenville at 11:30, Beer Mile 12/30, Jane Fonda move at 5:00pm due to flood.

TAPs:  Turtleman, Ratchet, healing for pax (Montana, others), Jane Fonda, Be The Match

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