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Day: November 9, 2023

Slow and Steady

9 HIM made it out to Folsom on this, balmy 60 degree morning.

Warm up was typical and nothing fancy.

Before moving into the first part of the workout we talked about exercise “form” and possibly one of the main cause of form degeneration (and subsequent injury due the bad form) MAY be that many times some PAX will breeze through an exercise while another struggles through it and after a few rounds the PAX that was behind starts to compromise form to keep up with the group. So to test this theory all of our work this morning was done slowly and deliberately and there were “catch up” points built into each evolution.  It all seemed to work well with the work being hard enough to keep the sweat on everyone’s brow but still truly “leaving no man behind” because let’s face it we’ve all been the six and will be again for one reason or another!

The work was simple,

At the picnic shelter we did:

Bulgarian split squats, dips, step ups, and derkins, 3 rounds of 10 reps


In the parking lot we did:

Paula Abdule’s with lunge walking forward and backwards and 2 Mike Tysons, every 3 space we would hold plank for the 6 then continue.


In the tennis courts we did:

Escalators, one exercise per court stacking them as we moved (together of course)

5 squats, 10 Hibillys, 15 mountain climbers, 20 plank jacks, 25 air presses, 30 LBCs

and of course if you stack the exercises then you must unstack them on the return trip.


Back at COT we had just enough time for some ab lab with: flutter kicks, Freddy Mercurys, American hammers, crab cakes, and LBCs


Announcements: Ultimate Frisbee Thanksgiving day, Christmas town run Sat after TG,

Prayers/praises: Baby Brooks is home, Wire Nuts mother, Paul barer: family , Clutch’s dad surgery recovery


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