Some pax might have arrived with assumptions about what was going to go down at the Gashouse bootcamp.  Maybe since Shortsale mentioned beer and women, they would be a part of the workout?  Maybe since Sargento was heading up 2nd F Coffeeteria following the workout, there would surely be no burpees.  Right?  Right??  Let’s find out…

At 0659 I tried to identify one of the Pax who could reliably keep me on track for time.  (I don’t wear one of those fancy fitness-tracker watches, and I like to leave my phone behind when possible.)  Shortsale proved not to be a reliable time-keeper as he had to scroll through at least 7 screens on his watch to find out what time it was.  I quickly pivoted and relied on Sargento’s and Stroganoff’s time-keeping devices for the remainder of the workout.

No disclaimer for the group of pros present today, so we got right into a quick warmup (SSH, imperial walkers, squats, merkins, 10xIC each) before I handed the Pain Lab-rats over to Time Frame and moseyed across Garrison with 6 boot-campers.

The Thang:

Oh, we brought along with us 2 18-lb kettlebells for assistance with a few exercises.  We stopped first at the library for a wall-sit with 5 OH presses for each of the KB’s.  Next was hip slappers and dirty-hookups (10xIC) before moseying on down Churchill.  Some of the Pax wanted to catch up on college football scores and today’s upcoming games when I called for 5 burpees.  Yes, 5 burpees as the start of our “rack & stack” BLIMPS.  So, we’ll do 5 more burpees at the speed bump at the bottom of the hill, then proceed one at a time to:
10 Lunges
15 Imperial walkers
20 Merkins
25 Plank jacks
30 Squats

Each round at the bottom of the hill, we would do all exercises in sequence up to what we did at the top.

After racking and stacking all the BLIMPS, we returned to the library for a reprise of the wall-sit presses, hip slappers, and dirty hookups.

Moseyed up Garrison to the front of the Presbyterian church for Dirty 11’s, Mike Tysons and Bobby Hurleys with a single burpee at the midpoint between the exercises.  After 8 rounds of this, we had 5 minutes left.  (Thanks for keeping me on track, Sargento and Stroganooff!)  I called Omaha on the 11’s so we could head back to the Schiele for 2 minutes of Mary before it was time.  A couple of the Pain Lab pax joined us for some flutter kicks, dying cochroaches, and American Hammers.  Then time for pledge and COT.

See Stogie’s newsletter for announcements – there are quite a few.

Prayers:  Turtleman, Norwood, Montana, Jackson Hall, Les Nessman’s M and family, Anchorman’s effort to find bone marrow donors.  Prayers also for those living in fear – and gratitude for most of us who have the luxury of being able to take personal safety for granted.

It was a fun time to lead this group of HIM’s this morning – thanks for the opportunity!
– Nutria