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Day: November 18, 2023

CSAUP Trail Run

We had 10 come out and give trail running a go. A few others had to drop out for various reasons. It was a beautiful morning for it. Perfect weather. Clear and precise instructions were given. The trails were marked impeccably and yes you guest it, people still got lost. To be honest it was expected and I kinda hoped for it 🙂 .There’s really only so much you can do. I mean some people will get lost in there own yard. We ran in teams of 2 and Flinstone and Pockets came out on top with the fastest times. Flintstone had the fastest and even knocked Pizzaman out of his spot on a segment so you know he was gettin after it. Seuss probably had the most mileage. Unless you count Wiki’s mileage when he drove to Lowell to pick Seuss up in some neighborhood he found himself in, bless. Wiki did have the fastest laps but got slightly off on one of his laps costing him some time. Anyway we did something different and had a good time. Maybe we will do it again sometime. Thanks to all that participated.

Did you ask leppard to Q

10 men posted to downtown on Friday. It was nice and warm for a November morning. Sweat was spilled. It was mostly mine as it was just my second BC in the last 2 months. It would have been my third had Slaw not shat all over me the previous day when I accepted the Q at Midoriyama upon his request. Once he found out the 1st F Q was available it was like I wasn’t even alive! Anyway.

Warmup: Doesn’t really matter

The Thang:

On the steps at the pavilion-hop up the steps. 5 Cdd’s at the top, hop down and do 5 at the bottom. 5 rounds

Next we did some deep sea divers for a few steps until I ran out of vertical/horizontal distance

Let’s mosey down to Main st.

1st corner 10 merkins, Around the block we went stacking them. 10 merkins, 20 lunges, 30 lbc’s, 40 mtn climbers.

Over to the Methodist church parking lot and partner up.

11’s. Run in opposite directions and do 1 little gumby in the woods. Run back and meet your partner for 10 booyah merkins. If you undertstand 11’s you know what happened next.

Mosey to the parking deck and partner up again

P1 does BTTW while P2 runs up a flight of stairs and back. Do 5 rounds. This sucked!

After this we did a few rounds of wall sits and dirty hookups before heading back.



Announcements-Get signed up for the Christmas party and vote even if you aren’t coming(Freight 2023 most supportive/pickup the 6), help Broke out by showing up and helping SFN at the Christmastown 5k.

Prayer Request-SA took us out

Basketball and Bathrooms

With basketball season upon us, I figured a little basketball-themed Q would be a great fit today. I warned they guys that I may need to take an unscheduled emergency break this morning as I’d already ridden the throne twice before arriving this morning.

I took a little extra time to warm us up and get everyone nice and stretched out. Lets mosey!

We run across the soccer field to the parking lot by the lake. Keeping with the basketball theme, we did Route 66 Bobby Hurleys. Next up in the same parking lot, Route 66 Coach K Merkins. What is a Coach K Merkin? Most Duke haters love to make fun of K’s big pointy nose. The K Merkin pays homage to the goat by requiring you to touch the ground with your nose on each rep.

We mosey to the grassy area beside the horse track for Elevens. The exercises were Big Boys and, to keep with the bball theme, Mahktyr Ndiayes. As I wrapped up, I asked Pony Boy to grab the 6 and head to the courts as I dropped off some brown trout in the pond.

We regrouped at the courts to work on footwork and burpees. We circle up for some Mary as pax rotated calling exercises. I ducked out for yet another deuce trip as the group finished up Mary. I rejoined as Pony Boy called some Elevens with pull ups and dips.

Thanks to Pony Boy for stepping in and keeping things going as nature called. Also, thanks to Volt and Chubbs for posting and just being good dudes.

Prayers: our families, Wyatt family, business opportunities, Jackson Hall

Appreciate the opportunity to lead you men this morning.


This is Still Just Part of the Warm Up…

I said at the beginning of the workout that this was my first Q at The Yank… but now I am not so sure. It may have been my second one. Regardless, the disclaimer was to blame Flintstone for me being there and for the workout that was about to go down.  We had some runners that took off from the beginning, not sure… but I will say that I scared them off with my flashing Bluetooth speaker and mumblechatter about blocks and shoulder work.

I had a few different ideas. Watts Up (aka Rhino) tried hijacking my Q (okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic… he was really just trying to be informative and helpful). Most of his suggestions I listened to. I’m not a tyrant. The workout MVP goes to Jane Fonda for modifying some of the movements to make them harder.

Warm Up:
10 Gravel Pickers – in cadence
10 mnt man poopers – in cadence
20 ‘Roccan Night Clubs
20 Arm Circles Front
20 Arm Circles Back

Reverse Bear Crawl down the steps of the park

20-25 Side Straddle Hops – in cadence

Bear Crawl to the end of the side walk: 10 burpees (or flying squirrels)

Mosey to my truck across the street and grab some yard blocks.

Overhead clap with the blocks to the covered pavilion area.

Circle Up:
Iron Hulk (1:4 ratio of merkin to air presses) adding one with each person in the circle

Tha Thang (though, the joke was it was still all part of the warm up): 

20 – SSH – in cadence
20 – Plank Jacks – in cadence
20 – Seal Jacks – in cadence

20 – CDDs on the blocks
20 – Flutters
20 – Hand release merkins with a brick row

20 – Arnold Presses with blocks
20 – American Hammers with blocks
20 – Skull crushers with blocks together

10 – Bent Raise Rotation (Lat Raise – Forward Raise – Reverse)
20 – Freddy Mercurys
20 – Nolan Ryans with the blocks (10 each side)

20 – Toy Soldiers with a brick/block
20 – Windshield Wipers while holding blocks
40 – Brick Flies
40 – Block curls

20 – Clean and Press with the blocks
40 – Chest Press LBCs with the blocks
20 – Tricep Extensions with the blocks

Tortoise and Hare… pair up! – Lt. Dans (or Zombie Walk) with blocks around the track while partner does 10 clean and press (with blocks)

Run to catch partner… REPEAT until I say so.

Mosey the rest of the way around the track doing a rifle carry with the blocks

Put the blocks down for some core work to reign us all in…

Little Baby Oblique crunches… and Stogie-fied Gas Pumps

Fellowship Mosey to return the blocks to my truck


  • Convergence at The Yank on December 2nd
  • Christmas Party on December 2nd

Prayer Requests and Praise Reports:

  • Montana’s continued recovery from surgery
  • Turtle Man and his family
  • Jackson Hall and his family
  • Brutus has a mission trip coming up in January
  • Anchorman’s person (and others who benefit) with the donations
  • Praise for Brutus getting another grandchild coming up in the next week of so
  • Praise that we’re all breathing and God is good and taking care of us and everything around us.


Thanks for letting me lead, Gavel. Don’t smoke ’em if you got them unless the cigars taste and smell good.

I’m Stogie, and I’m out!

PREBLAST – 12/9/23 – BEER RUCK – 11:30 Launch

After you post at your favorite AO and enjoy 2nd F coffee with your brothers go change your shirt and grab your ruck for this double down opportunity!

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9th is the final ruck of our Official 2023 Trifecta Ruck series.  THE BEER RUCK!

Did you get a beer when you rucked from Kings to Crowders?  Probably not.

Did you get a beer when you rucked the Half Marathon ruck?  Probably not.

Well, this time you will have no less than three chances to grab that frosty beverage you were deprived of earlier.

DETAILS:  Park and Launch from:

The RIVER ROOM – 102 Main Street, McAdenville.  Park in the large lot to the side.

Launch 11:30.  Return after 8 miles of 2nd F Rucking including a few stops.

Bring $5 cash (or more) so you can buy into the Poker Ruck.  Someone will win some extra beer money!!



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