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Day: November 22, 2023 (Page 1 of 2)

A Glorious Morning at The Yank

Fourteen men showed at The Fighting Yank on a morning so glorious it could make you believe that winter is not rolling in fast. YHC had the Q, my first Q in Gaston County, which came with multiple requests from the local HIMS for a Texas size beatdown. ( I’m sure I had those requests, multiple requests, right?).

The day started with the standard disclaimers followed by stretching and warmups, then onto Goose’s Seven Minute Hotel Room Workout, 30 seconds each of:
Side Straddle Hop
Wall Sit
Step Ups
Four Count Squats
Tricep Dips
High Knees
Merkin and Rotate
Side Plank, Right Hand High
Side Plank, Left then Right Hand High

The HIMS, responding magnificently to the beginning of the workout, clamored for additional and even greater challenges:
Calf Raises
The Burpee Tree House, climbing to Nine
More Calf Raises
Climb down the Treehouse with Merkins

Hill climbs with Little Baby Arm Circles and Bobby Hurley’s and then down to the playground for one more set of the Hotel Room Workout. Sadly for all, we were now out of time.

Four Step at the Ricky Bobby

12 HIMs arrived at the Ricky Bobby prepared to make themselves better stronger faster regardless of rain or shine. It wasn’t raining, and of course it wasn’t shining at 5:30 in the morning, but we went hard at it. The business is Beat Down and business is good.

We worked the four-step program this morning, cardio, upper body, lower body, core. Merkins, derkins, trailer park merkins (double-wide), scorpion merkins, planks, side planks, scorpion planks, triceps dips, American hammers, and a whole bunch of calf raises. I’d like to report that I pushed these men to their limits, but in fact these BOTG brought their A-Game and excelled in every way.

The BOTG this a.m. were

@Dr Seuss
@Gear Wrench
@Ball Joint
@Kool Aide

Do you even Spatchcock bro?

There were a Magnificent 7 brave HIM who showed to the Storm today. There was a forecast of wet weather that kept most of the chickens away. It would be their loss. This is what happened…

Pledge of Allegiance

Warmup of Goofballs

Mosey towards the shelter for the first round of stuff.

Triple Nickle

5 lunges each leg at one end of the covered drop off area, drop for a burpee in the middle and at the other end do 5 Spatchcocks. What is the Spatchcock you ask? Show to know! Just know, when you do the Spatchcock, you have to yell Spatchcock at each rep, otherwise it doesn’t count.

Now that we’re warmed up, we headed out into the fierce drizzle for The Thang.

Hump Sprints – as per my miracle knee solution, each of my Q’s will have some version of sprinting to stay limber and strong.

The PAX would sprint from the start until reaching the road hump, do 15 Merkins, sprint, 15 merkins at the next hump, sprint, 15 merkins, sprint to the stop sign. That gets the blood pumping for sure! Easy mosey up the hill to the artwork, gather the PAX and then Nur down to the starting circle.

Rinse & repeat the sprint cycle, swapping in Plank Jacks for the hump action.

Mosey back to the covered area by the entrance for Hurricane Hoedown. Lots of flutterkick reps in this routine until we had to get back for namorama. Thanks for the opportunity to lead men! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Prayer Requests – Turtleman, Friend of YHC from church’s niece had seizure and now in coma, Montana, Anchorman’s niece’s friend needing marrow transplant, Cherie Berry’s employee lost child, Breaker Breaker’s coworker, Breaker’s cousin with family issue, Ocho’s recent work situation, Jackson Hall

Announcements – Ultimate frisbee tomorrow, Christmastown 5k Saturday, Convergence Dec 2, Christmas Party, Beer Ruck, Beer mile


Life is Just a Fantasy…….

Recognition of Kotter:

To Martha’s…..

Triple Nickel
CDD and Dips

Lindsey’s/Forties…….Dips/Merkins or Derkins


American Hammer
Big Boys and some Run in between

Christmastown 5k this Saturday
Ultimate Frisbee – Tomorrow
Convergence – 12/2 – The Yank

Maybelline co-workers’ wife
EZ Rider M’s friend


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