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Day: November 14, 2023

We came, we ran, we conquered

6 HIM ran the Sargento route. No mud was encountered. We all returned safely and were better for having posted.

Announcements – 2nd F lunch 15th at The Lodge in Belmont, Frank’s trail run on the 18th, Ultimate frisbee Thanksgiving morning, Christmastown 5k, convergence, Christmas Party, Beer ruck, Beer Mile

Prayer Requests – Oompa, Turtleman, Broke’s former coworker passed unexpectedly, everyone’s mental health

stack ’em

GREAT turnout this am. Got a few OGs out there plus a bunch of faces I had not seen before. Wish I could have spent some time getting to know them, but that will have to wait. I was focused on bringing some pain. I know some of these guys were looking for weakness but I didn’t want to give them any reason to complain any more than usual.

We started with a brief disclaimer and making sure there were no FNGs-start the WU with 1 minute of AMRAP exercises with goal for 5 exercises and 2 rounds of each. Well that went in the turd shack really quick. We started with arm haulers (look it up online if you don’t know what they are) and the complaining started even before we got 30 seconds in so what did I do???? Cut that shite short and move straight to burpees for 1 minute. It got quiet pretty quickly. We did a minute of burpees then moved to SSH for a minute. Sparky showed at this point so we moved to monkey humpers facing his direction. We went back to SSH for about 30-40 seconds to give Sparky at least a little WU. Hugs were exchanged with Sparky-not afraid to express my feelings for Sparky (or SA and a few others who got a hug a little while before that). SA also got a quick leg hump…learned that move from my dog Seymour-he LOVES his blanket every night.

Next, mosey to the (old) turd shack for some 4 Corners: initial plan was 4 different exercises and only 1 exercise at each corner at 10, 20, 30, then 40 reps. When I said “no stacking” you would have thought I ran over SA’s dog, ate his birthday cake, and peed in his bed. The eyes started rolling in his head and the whining was over the top. I really felt bad when he started crying so I Omaha’d to go ahead and stack ’em. We did 10 Mike Tysons, 20 Big Boys, 30 Jump Lunges, and 40 SSH for the 4 corners. Wichita motored thru this like a champ. SA was much better after that. I think he even said “thank you” which made it all worthwhile. Short pause while I look for my phone and thankfully Stogie “found” it for me. I think he picked it up and put in his pocket before starting the 4 corners but I will never know for sure. No penalty thankfully since I was already a bit gassed from the 4 corners.

We rolled down to the turd shack for some hip slappers and mosey stuff. Medicine Woman informed me it was close to his 8 year anniversary when I Q’d his first workout and we did hip slappers and mosey stuff then. We did 10 HS’ers then moseyed across the lot for 5 burpees then moseyed back. That was so much fun we did it a second time. We got back to the turd shack and got a quick count off to pick the next number of HS’ers…..19 hip slappers then mosey across the lot for 5 burpees then back to turd shack. We were a bit ahead of schedule so I added 2 Bojangles biscuits to kill some time-2 laps where you slow mosey the short curves and sprint all out the longer straightaways. It felt like uphill the whole time. This got us closer to the time I needed for the final push. Mosey back to start and line up on far side of parking lot, long jump/hop about 25 yards then 20 reps of called exercise, then mosey back. The exercises were Merkins, jump squats, then I asked Medicine Woman for our 3rd exercise-he said LBCs, I heard burpees, so we compromised and did big boy setups for set 3 then burpees for set 4. That was about all I had in the tank so we finished with some Mary with max of 10 reps/exercise: I started with flutter kicks, SA called burpees, and we did a few other things until Sparky called Iron Hulks and we made it to 4 merkins/16 air presses and I pulled the plug and called it a day.

We hit the pledge then finished with COT.

I said it this morning and I’ll say it again-Folsom has a tight group, continues to bring in new faces and solid guys who stick around and are just really good guys. Every chance I get to Q out here I feel good when it is over-I get a bit pissy the night before (and the morning of if I am being honest) because I have to get up a little early and I know I need to be ready to push it, but it makes be better and I know it even the night before. I guess that is the “Iron Sharpens Iron” thing that I need to remember.

Thanks for the invite Pony Boy. Stay gold.

(I suspect you are too young to know that reference…..)


Baby it’s cold outside!

Christmas is just around the corner and and I for one will be indulging in an extra serving of some of momma’s cooking. You know what else we all need an extras serving of…? A beat down!

There are a lot of fart sackers right now that are not showin up for one. Bulldog was a little light this morning with 3 Hims and zero showed last Tuesday. PainLab was sort too. I guess if your fartsacking, you’re probably not reading these either. I’m on def ears I suspect. I know this, I feel great after getting it in this morning. I need more!

Spiderman and Hunchback showed for a legendary Core’n more workout delivered by yours truly, TUBE.

You know the drill, 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds to transition to the next exercise. Here we go!

bear crawl around the circle, starfish, baby makers, LBC’s, rev-LBC’s, obliques, American hammers, superman’s. Rifle carry coupon round the parking lot. Rinse & Repeat.

Don Quixote’s, weighted squats, high knees, Merkins, Peter Parkers, BURPEES, Moroccan knight clubs. Rifle carry coupon round the parking lot. Rinse & Repeat.

Prayers to Turtleman 🙏 and to all the unsaid prayers needed in our circle, our county, our country and over seas. God Bless 



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