• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 08/27/2022
  • AO: Old School
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Stogie, Sister Act, Dr Seuss, Mayor, Wirenut, Gumby, Blart, Def Leppard, Shortsale, Pallbearer

10 PAX joined YHC on Saturday for what I deemed my homecoming weekend after moving back to NOGA country. For those of you from NOGA country that makes 11 PAX that posted. If that offended you then I recommend you stop reading now because this BB will have a lot of down punching. If you’re the sensitive type this will hurt your feelings, though I believe you need that to happen if it is the case(meow). The title is clean weinke is because I left my weinke in my shorts and it got washed/destroyed so what I can put here will just be a bit inaccurate.


Some of the usual

The Thang:

Run a lap-this is where the whining and crying started. I mean it’s one lap, WTF are you here for if you start the complaining with one lap! We stopped and did a few reps of some exercises. Run 2 laps. As you can expect more of the same from the one lap. We did a few more reps of some exercises. To be honest this was really just a part of the warmup but for these wussies with a P I have to post it here in the thang.

In the parking lot we partnered up and pulled out some 40-60 lbs sandbags. Shout out to Wirenet for bringing his so that we would have enough. We lined up in the parking lot with 1 partner running down to the other end and back while the other partner does some exercises. We did 4-5 different sets of this that included thrusters, overhead press, overhead holds, cleans, getups, etc. Let me tell you you’d think you’d have asked these guys to go shopping with their wife when I called some of these exercises! I mean there is no amount of summers eve out there that could have calmed down these irritated sandy v’s. Look I get it, I talk a lot of trash. There’s a reason I’m back to back to back mummblechatter champion. I realize people are going to come at me hard when I Q to try to pay me back and I welcome it. Hell I feed off of it. The trash talk is part of what keeps me coming back. It’s a part of being a dude. We bust balls. When we were younger that was literal. This, this was different. This was meow stuff. I’d say at least 1/3 of the group didn’t do 1/2 the reps or even the exercises. Some didn’t even try a rep. DIDN’T EVEN TRY! I get sometimes we have to modify but you can’t not try just because it’s hard. Read that last part again. We had guys walking while their partner is suffering through some of the reps, or at least supposed to be. Dude it was a 60-80 yard run sack the hell up! So at one point we made our way over to the field. P1 runs down and back while P2 chest throws the sandbag. We did this until we got to the other end. This was followed by catch me if you can. P1 starts rucking the sandbag while P2 does 5 burpees then runs to catch up and switch. I’m done writing I’m sick of reliving this sad morning.


Pray for these sadclowns amongst us and out in the world

Announcements-CSAUP 9/10 get signed up meow, skate with mayor 9/17, JJ5K 9/24


I just want to say this is how I remember the workout going. I’m sure others may remember it differently 🙂 I do want to point out that I didn’t hear the 6 complaining like I did the 12. Pallbearer was the 6 a good portion of the time as he should be being the newest guy to the group. I may have heard him praying a few times but he wasn’t meowing. I continue to be impressed with how hard he is pushing. He’s posting regularly, double posting, and coming to the heat of Midoriyama. He will be a batflipper before you know it. If you made it this far in the BB then I’m proud of you snowflake. You were challenged and did something hard today even if it hurt your little feelings.