• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 08/18/2022
  • AO: The Goat
  • QIC: Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Pillager, Easy Rider, Bouquet, Orangeman (R), CPAP (R), Tesla (R)

A lucky number 7 PAX rolled into the gloom for a Thursday beatdown. This is what happened…

Semi disclaimer for the first time AO attendee, Easy Rider. Welcome to Goat Island!

Warmup – Don Quixote’s

Pledge of Allegiance

Mosey around the corner and up the stairs to the secret parking lot and partner up for some Dora 1,2,3. Partner 1 does the exercise while partner 2 runs around the building. The exercises were 100 Shoulder Taps (count right shoulder only), 200 High Knees (count right knee only), 300 Freddie Mercury’s (count right leg only).

Fellowship mosey, stopping in the railroad tunnel for some Australian mountain climbers. Keep moseying down to the cage. Oh no, it’s locked! Hang around the parking lot for a little Bear Crawl Ring of Fire! Circle up and bearcrawl in a circle until YHC called for the stop. Hold plank and one PAX at at time we do 10 merkins, then the next, then the next until everyone does their 10 merkins. Back to bearcrawling in a circle for a bit longer and then we’re done.

Head back toward downtown, stopping for more action under the railroad bridge, then regroup at the bridge by the river for The Thang.

Suicide 11’s – inaugural run!

It’s like 11’s except on one end of the bridge, do Big Boy situps as usual, but instead of running to the other end, the PAX would go halfway across, head back to the start and then go the full distance. At the other end we did Jump Squats. We got about 2/3’s of the way through this routine before time was up. This packed tons of cardio for the fellas which was great, just wish we could’ve finished up.

Mosey back to the start for a little ab work to go the full time and then we’re done. Thanks for the opportunity to lead men, let’s do it again soon!

Announcements- PT Test 8/27, 50 mile relay 9/10, skating with Mayor 9/17, JJ5k 9/24

Prayer requests- BOS’s family on the passing of his dad, Huck, Tesla’s family, Turtleman, Medicine Woman’s family, Big Pappy’s family, kids and teachers going back to school