• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 08/20/2022
  • AO: The Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Nutria, Norwood
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: RBI, Balljoint, Gamer, Noodle, Goofball, Firetruck, Double, Mint, Gavel, JJ, Pope, Curly, Phelps, Stogie, Recess, Kit Kat, Sparkette

With several dads and 2.0s at F3 Dads Camp, the crowd was a little lighter than what we’ve seen at the F3 Dads workouts this summer.  But everyone that showed up was ready for some fun!

We moseyed to the track behind the old middle school.  Nutria gave an introduction where he made the 2.0s explain what the 3 F’s stand for.  We then did a warm up consisting of SSHs, Merkins and Goofballs IC.

Norwood then asked who liked to play tag.  All of the 2.0s raised their hands.  We did a version of tag that had the 2.0s being “it” and the dads being chased.  Once a dad was tagged they had to do merkins until all of the dads were tagged.  Rinse and repeat but now the dads had to do squats until everyone was tagged.  One more time and this time the dads had to do SSHs.

Now it was the dads turn to be ”it”!  We chased the 2.0s all over and when tagged they had to do merkins, squats and SSHs.  Some of those guys are quick!

Next up was “Family Merkins”.  The 2.0s loved this!  The dads had to do all of the work while the dads did merkins with a 2.0 on their backs.  The first round was pick your lightest 2.0.  The next round was pick your heaviest 2.0.  The last round was have all of your 2.0s on your back.  Nutria showed his incredible strength with all 6 of his 2.0s!

Then we did some dads vs kids races!  The loser had to do 5 merkins.  Four rounds total.  They went like this:
– First round – kids run across the field, dads bear crawl
– Second round – kids run across the field, dads nur
– Third round – kids bear crawl across the field, dads lunge walk
– Fourth round – kids nur across the field, dads run (finally we beat them!)

Now we teamed up with our 2.0s and did some family relay races.  There were six dads, so we broke up into two teams.  As a family you would spin around 10 times, run to the other side of the field and tag the next family.  Each family went twice.  Next round was a family wheel barrel race.  Again every family had to go twice.

We moseyed over to the hill for “Kid Carry”.  Dads carried the 2.0s up the hill.  Kids then had to do 5 merkins and 10 SSHs.  Dads had to do that for each 2.0.  Poor Nutria took the longest … but did get the best workout.

Then we had a big game of rock, paper, scissors (NOT paper, rock, scissors).  You would go around to anyone you decided to choose as an opponent and challenge them.  The loser had to do a burpee.

Our last activity was “Kid Tricks”.  The kids would volunteer to go in the middle of the circle and either tell a joke or do a trick.  If the kid did a good job, their dad had to run!

Mosey back close to The Yank.





Always a lot of fun to bring the 2.0s out!