• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 08/04/2022
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Montross
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Achey Breaky, Stogie, Beatle Bailey, Purple Haze, Medicine Woman, Bedpan, Hacksaw, Ball Joint, Striper, Gearwrench, Westside

Last week, I stumbled upon Huck’s VQ from May 17, 2016. As I read through it, I decided to call the workout exactly as it was written in honor of my good friend who has been struggling recently. Love ya Huck!!!!

There were 10 at Huck’s VQ. We had 12 today. Medicine Woman is the only man who was present at both workouts. Was it was easier last time because it was before he jacked up his leg?


SSH x 15 ic / Floyd Mayweathers x 10 ic, switch/repeat / Allen Tates (monkey humpers) x 15 ic

Pledge (we got this at the end)

short mosey. stopped and found rosalita 15 times ic

continue the mosey to the lower parking lot.

4 corner escalators. spot one: merkins x 10 / sprint to spot two: squat jumps x 15 + merkins x 10 / bear crawl to spot three: mountain climbers x 20 + squat jumps x 15 + merkins x 10 / sprint to spot four: lbc x 25 + mountain climbers x 20 + squat jumps x 15 + merkins x 10 / bear crawl back to start

mosey a little

Peter parkers x 10 ic

mosey some more

arrived to the tennis courts to partake in 11’s starting with 1 burpee and 10 imperial walkers. went up and down the tennis courts.

afterwards we circled up for more fun

5 double merkin burpees, hillbillys x 10 ic, 5 double merkin burpees, monkey humpers x 10 ic, ring of fire with 5 merkins and 10 lbc, calf raises x 10 ic, don quixotes x 10 ic, 5 double merkin burpees.

mosey back to the parking lot to finish up with another ring of fire with 5 merkins and 5 additional double merkin burpees.

Prayer requests: Huck and his family, Striper’s brother, My mom, Achey’s uncle, Westside’s wife – all nurses, MW – friend going through marriage issues. Bedpan’s family

I consider Huck one of my best friends and I have F3 to thank for that. He isn’t the only one though – I consider all of you my friends and know Ibhave hundreds of men around Gaston County and beyond who have my back! It is such a great network of men who push and support each other. I appreciate all of you who came out this morning. This workout holds up pretty well after 6 years! I look forward to the day Huck has the Q and delivers this beatdown himself!

The original backblast is HERE

– Phillipians 4:13