• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/22/2022
  • AO: Bulldog
  • QIC: Sargento
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Time Frame, Spiderman, Tube, Dry Rub (R), Hermie (R), Orangeman (R)

7 HIM came to get their low-impact, high muscle work beatdown at Bulldog. The weather was perfect. The toys were plentiful. This is what happened…

Pledge of Allegiance


Warmup – Don Quixotes IC & The Patented Left Over Right IC

Mosey from the start, about 14 yards to the trunk of YHC’s luxury sedan. We opened it up and what do you know?! Toys a plenty. The PAX picked up their fair share and took them back to the kid drop-off area, spreading everything out in a row for The Thang!

Station Work – do 1 minute of exercise with 15 seconds of rest, switching stations in between. We did almost 3 rounds of this.

  1. Standing straight arm raise with bricks
  2. Curls with the curvy bar
  3. Standing kettle bell raise
  4. Flutterkicks
  5. Shoulder shrugs with paint cans
  6. Bent over flys with bricks
  7. Standing front shoulder raise with paint cans
  8. Bent over rows with a block
  9. Standing tricep extensions with kettle bell
  10. LBCs

There was plenty of mumblechatter happening during this workout. High reps during a minute’s worth of exercising got the burn going for sure. We did 0 leg exercises, except for the 14 yard mosey. That’s enough!

Announcements: Shirt design contest ends tonight!, Convergence April 2nd at the Yank, Community Foundation Run April 9th, Adopt a Highway cleanup April 16th, 2nd F lunch THURSDAY April 21st at Ray Nathan’s, Honey Hunters game Sunday April 24th

Prayer Requests: Turtleman (I saw him today and he looks great!), Tesla, Orangeman’s M & his Manager has cancer, Broke’s broke shin, Pilgrim’s Progress’ M

Thank you for the chance to lead today men. It was awesome as always!!!