• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/20/2021
  • AO: PainLab
  • QIC: Bed Pan
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Lazy Bones, El Toro, Hermey, Bandit, Clavin

Tubes and I talked recently and I offered to take the Q at Pain Lab. He was going out of town and I had backed out of the p200 so my day was open like an ugly girls Dance card.

1 year ago I was put on work from home status, the year before that 2019 I was fired just after my first leg of the P200 by email.
Some may think I hate this week, well its quite the opposite. Some how through all the confusion and chaos God always takes care of everything. I’m sharing this because we all should know God has our Back! Since 2019 the company I worked for crumbled, I have a better Job and a much happier life. I did not feel this way while I had to tell my M we would not have insurance come the end of March 2019. In that Moment my wife told me this ” I’m glad they fired you, that job sucked and you can do better. I love you finish the race strong and we will figure it out Sunday. I love you and I am always proud of you”. In that Moment God was already showing me that his plan was the best.
On to the Werk:
The thang!
10’s Lunge walk 10 merkins, back to beginning then 20 squats Lunge walk to the other side of the parking lot and 10 merkins.
Down to one merkin.
Rocky Balboas, SSH, SealJacks, Cherry Pickers up and down. Mumble chatter was going great!
LBC’s Flutters, Hammers, Reverse Crunch,

Lets try something new to me.
10second Superman, 10second Iron man, then 10 merkins. x 10.. This got the shoulders feeling good for sure.

Fellowship walk to the stadium seats then time for some dips, Derkins, Step Ups.


Someone maybe reading this while they are going through or getting out of a tough situation. Always Know Gods Got you.
Dig in your Heels and serve more love more and always Post at an AO near you More!

The BED PAN is Full!!