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Here is the plan to start to revamp this for the 2021 season.

On April 10, starting at 10:00am, get with your buddies and 2.0s or come on out if you don’t have children around or period.  Show up with your pals to an AO near you, wearing your F3 shirts, a trash bag and picker in hand and start picking up trash.  If you want to go to Bulldog, go.  If you want to go to The Yank, go, Folsom, go….

Again, the plan is to just pick up trash for an hour or so to support our local areas that are free of use to us and leave things better than we found them. We can also do some marketing for F3.   My thoughts on lunch are to pack it and eat with your shorties and enjoy some time with them or go to a local joint and support a local business.  Its a win win for everyone.

Come June, we will start our weekend workouts again.  We will travel around to the Saturday AOs (Gashouse, Folsom, The Yank) and put the kids thru some torture.  We will work June, July and August.  If you are interested in leading a portion of the workout, let me know.  I am looking for two dads per Saturday.

On another note, If you have something you want to do, put it out there.  If anyone shows up, have a blast.  If not, you’re going to have fun with your shorties anyway so there is nothing to be lost.

Wojo has posed the idea of a day at Midoriyama where he can take the 2.0s out for a sport workout to get the kids active and moving and the Dads can attend the workout and the M’s can get a break from everyone.  Look for some more on that idea (potentially).