• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/20/2021
  • AO: Gashouse
  • QIC: Dirt
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Watts Up (R), Dirt (R), Linus (R), Dry Rub (R), Nutria (not 50 but respect anyway)

After warming up and we split off from the Pain Lab crew.  I mentioned that I would have a PSA during the workout.  Well, the PAX minds went directly to PSA Screening which is a blood test to screen for prostate cancer.  For some reason this didn’t surprise me.  So to be clear, I told them that I would have a Public Service Anouncement at sometime during the workout.  I’m glad we got that cleared up.



Seal Jacks IC x 25

HillBillies IC x 20

Don Q’s IC x 15

Eskimo Merkins IC up to 6.  What is an Eskimo Merkin?  An Eskimo Merkin is where you touch your nose to the ground.  The first one you just touch the ground once.  The second one is where you touch your nose once, then add a micro merkin and touch a second time.  The third is three micro merkins touching three times.  You get the idea.

Boot camp broke off for a Mosey to the school parking lot by the gym.  Here we did a Triple Nickle.  5 Backward Lunges, Bear Crawl the width of the parking lot and 5 CDD’s at the other side.

Mosey to Burtonwood Dr.  Do 5 Diamond Merkins at each pole until we get to the old PNG building.  There were more poles here than expected but we hammered them out.

Stopped in the parking lot of the white vacante building for an AB Blast.  We circled up and each PAX was instructed to call out 10 reps for an AB excercise one after the other as fast as possible.  We got through three rounds of this.  A lawn maintenance crew showed up as we were finishing and our final exercise was a hip thruster type exercise on our back.  I’m sure the lawn guys hoped we would move on quickly after witnessing this.

Mosey cross country to the side of the Parkdale Mills offices.  This wasn’t the building I was hoping for so we continued on up Cotton Blossom Circle.  I finally spied my final destination;  The Social Security Administration office.  Time for my PSA.  For those of us nearing retirement, here is the Social Security office.  Some knew it was there, others didn’t.  I didn’t know it was there until a few weeks ago when I ran by it during EC.

Here we did Flintstone 11’s with Backward Lunges and Jump Squats at one end of the parking lot and Reverse LBC’s and Flutterkicks at the other end.

We mosied along New Hope road to the corner of Garrison Blvd where we did 15 Monkey Humpers IC.  Much to our disappointment, nobody honked at us.

Mosey back to the start stopping at each corner to do 10 Merkins.

Time.  Thanks for joining us today.  We had 5 for the boot camp portion of the work out and the mumble chatter was good.