• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/04/2021
  • AO: Midoriyama
  • QIC: Dirt
  • FNG's: Roy Helms (F3 name - Cardi B)
  • PAX: Wet Nutz, Def Leopard (R), Little Sweet, Montross, Broke, Orangeman (R), Wojo, Oompa Loompa (R) , Dirt (R), Blart, Short Sale

12 regular PAX and one FNG showed up for a great time at Midoriyama on Thursday 3/4/21.  Here is how it went.

Warm Up:

Seal Jacks IC x 20

Hill Billy Walkers IC x 20

Mountain Man Poopers IC x 10


Mosey to the entrance of the parking lot and do 5 Eight Count Body Builders.


Mosey to the soccer fields stopping at each light pole on the right side of the road to do 5 Diamond Merkins.


I gave the PAX the choice of routine A or B.  The PAX choose B so we headed over to the hill by the dog park.  Hearing the mumble chatter along the way and knowing many of us have a long run Saturday, I decided to call an audible and stay on the back soccer field instead of the hill.

B. Suicide Ladder

A shuttle run with an exercise set after each return to the starting line. After each full shuttle run the exercise count goes up by five reps.  We ran from the sideline to the near edge of the center circle and back, to the far edge of the center circle and back.  Finally, to the other side line and back.

Flutter Kicks (count 1 leg) x 5, 10, 15

Merkins x 5, 10

I had a lot more planned, but this was beginning to take up too much time.  At this point we moved on to Flintstone 11’s which are 11’s with more than one exercise at each end.

A. Flintstone 11’s

Step Ups and Big Boy Sit Ups at one end & Jump Squats and Dying Cock Roaches at the other.


Triple Nickle

I didn’t plan this, so I asked three PAX for an exercise.  Wet Nutz choose Bear Crawl, Montross choose Burpees and Little Sweet choose Merkins.  We used these three exercises to do Triple Nickle at the end of the soccer field.

Almost time.  Mosey back to the flag doing 10 monkey Humpers at each light pole on the left side of the road.


Good work tonight gentlemen.



Strides of March is this Saturday March 6th.

The Mortimer and P200 are coming up quickly.

The PT test has been moved to April


Prayer Requests:

Big Pappy’s son is having surgery tomorrow