• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 02/27/2021
  • AO: The Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Pockets
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Sargento, Dirt, Slim Shady, Tooltime, Pizzaman, Tesla, CPAP, Brutus, Pilgrims Progress, Orangeman, Gavel, Gezer, Clamp it, Bubba Sparks, Freight, Boudin, Tiger, Bos

As I roll up my normal 20min. early, I notice that the Belmont streets are already being claimed by some PAX getting in some EC.  Little do they know that I have learned from all the canoes and have a douche of a workout planned for us.  As everyone is rolling in and PAX  finishing their EC; We gather by the Kiosk and chat and fist bump to start the workout. A car rolls by and a lady hollered out the window “Hey guys, Show me your Monkey Humps” So we obliged!!  Come to find out that she is from Cherubs and has been educated on Monkey Humpers. (I’m pretty sure that she has already pinched Orangeman on the backside!) It was pretty awesome. With time ready and everyone bursting to get started; Lets begin!

Warm up

5 Burpees OYO

I forgot what was after but it was short and sweet! Lets Mosey.

Moseying started and it came a concern that Freight and Boudin were  MIA. Phone call was made and no answer, we sent Bos on a mission. It was established later that they are on a ruck mission.

Mosey to the stop light at the corner of Myrtle and Main. We will start there with an exercise and then mosey to the next corner at Myrtle and Central perform another exercise, then go to Central and Woodrow for another stop and then on to the corner of Woodrow and Main and then stop at the RR tracks for another exercise and head back to the start. Rinse and repeat. This is a 1 mile loop

Corner 1


Corner 2


Corner 3


Corner 4

Toy Soldiers

Round 1 is 10 reps All reps are IC. So its 5 IC first and then 10 and then 15 for the last round.

Round 2 is 20 reps

Round 3 is 30 reps.

RR tracks we completed 5 Burpees on round 1, 5 Eight count Body Builders round 2,  Round 3 was SSH 40 IC.

First round we came across a train and I heard someone say that another PAX had a rule of 5 burpees for trains. Although I kept going and instructed the PAX to not stop; All  stopped and did Burpees while 2 of us kept moving and waited at the next corner. The plan was for Burpees at the train tracks on the other end. 🤷‍♀️ So I only gave them 5 at the tracks instead of the planned 10.

On the second and third rounds I needed help counting a few times. So I asked Pizzaman and Tooltime to help. Thanks guys.

On the third lap we detoured to the pullup bars for a Triple Nickle.

Pull ups and Imperial Walkers.

Some PAX did a Lunge in between. Some slow moseyed. We were pretty beat by then.


Mosey up to the next stop.

Mosey over to the front of the school. for another detour. I asked a few PAX for an exercise so we can run the figure 8 course.  We performed 6 exercises around the front loop. We completed 1 loop and then got back to our last lap. Do each exercise 10 times single count.

Peter Parkers, Burpees, WW1, Hillbillies, 8 count body builders and Shoulder Taps

With 3 more stops ahead and time catching up lets move. After the tracks we met the ruckers and gave them 5 more Burpees to finish out the morning.


Good job everyone. Way to push!!!


Strids of March and several marathons and other events. Check twitter and slack.


Prayer Request:

Please pray for me and my attitude.

There are many spoken and unspoken request. Please keep each other in your prayers. Remember God is in control!!

Praise report:

Each morning as we wake lets thank God for his goodness. Lets learn by Christ’s  examples.


Thank you brothers for your support. Till next time!!