• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 11/15/2023
  • AO: The Ricky Bobby
  • QIC: Nutria
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Tesla, Orangeman

High quality HIM’s at The Ricky Bobby came ready to work.  We warmed up with SSH (10xIC) and that was it.  I hope nobody decided to show up 2 minutes late, because we were gone down the road to New Hope Presbyterian for Double 11s.  Started with 1 Mountain climber and 10 Mike Tysons, then moseyed around to the other side of the half-circle driveway for 1 Bobby Hurley and 10 Big boys – proceeding, of course, in standard 11s fashion.  The PAX (cough-Tesla-cough) opted for making it a “dirty” double (because “why wouldn’t we?” – I knew the answer before I even asked), so we paused at the church steps for 5 derkins every time we crossed.  On the Bobby Hurley-Big Boy side of the circle, a foul odor invaded the cool morning air.  Orangeman denied responsibility as he didn’t partake in the usual “Taco Tuesday” festivities.  Tesla was wearing an Under Armor shirt that appeared cleaner than he deserves.   So, we concluded it must have been a skunk defending its territory… 

I had a lot more planned for the church location, but it was 5:56 when we finished the Dirty Double 11s.  Orangeman passed on my offer for a 10-count, so we kept moving and moseyed back to the school for Team Lazy Dora:
 – 100 merkins – took turns with 10 reps at a time while others held plank. 
 – 150 squats – took turns with 10 reps at a time while others held Al Gore
 – 200 flutters – took turns with 10 reps at a time while others held 6 inches

This was a burner, especially the squats / Al Gore, and we left some distinctively sweaty “art work” on the asphalt for the teachers to admire as they arrived at school.  But we still had 9 minutes left, so we proceeded to a 4-corners escalator:
 – 10 Bobby Hurleys, bear crawl short way across the parking lot
 – 20 merkins (after repeating above exercises), nur the long way across the parking lot
 – 30 Hello Dollys (after repeating above exercises), bear crawl short way across the parking lot
 – 40 mountain climbers (after repeating above exercises), nur the long way across the parking lot

That left us 2 minutes over – Q Fail!  Move quickly on to COT.  After the pledge, we greeted Mrs. Breaker Breaker and pointed out that she was later than usual.  We knew, clearly, that it was Breaker Breaker’s fault.  But Mrs. Breaker Breaker informed us that the principal didn’t want teachers arriving at school before 6:30 for some inexplicable reason.  Mrs. Breaker Breaker had been going in around 6:30 for a few days and is now gradually getting back to her normal arrival time.  Several other teachers also arrived “early” as we finished up COT.

You missed 2nd F lunch at The Lodge in Belmont, which was mostly a reunion of this morning’s PAX from The Ricky Bobby.  Balljoint took advantage of half-off draft beers and Goose arrived late to enjoy his 2nd lunch of the day.  Other announcements:  Thanksgiving Ultimate – sign up on Slack.  Christmastown 5k – HC to Broke to help push a chair, or just show up to support.   Christmas party Dec 2 – fill out the form and RSVP.

Prayer requests:  Tesla’s sister, PAX traveling next week, and Israel.

I’m glad for the opportunity to lead and start the day right!
 – Nutria