• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 08/20/2022
  • AO: Old School
  • QIC: Wirenut
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Round Up, Hacksaw(R), Broke(R),Dr. Seuss(R), Purple Haze(R), Sister Act, Paul Barer, Def Leppard(R),

Well its another beautiful Saturday morning down on the D-BLOK I’m fresh off a bad week of Call Out with little sleep and several missed work outs. But now it’s all over and I’m ready to get back at it. Now I’m pulling in to Old School early AS USUAL. I’m jamming to some old school TOOL as I put out Ol’ Glory and I hear Broke telling Purple Haze he must be getting pumped up for his Q this morning. I said nope Tiger has it this week he said he thought he read that I had it so I check Slack and Team-Up. Well Damn I’ve got me on one list and Tiger on another. You see never transferred my Slack list over to my Team-Up calendar. Site Q Fail # 1 of the day not to worry though I got this. Everybody is either pulling in or finishing up some EC and we’re ready to go. No FNGs no disclaimer just get at it.

Warm up was nothing special it is a normal go to for me these days.

  • MNC 20 IC
  • Impreial Walkers 20 IC
  • R Side Lunge stretch to R Front Lunge stretch to L Side Lunge stretch to L Front Lunge stretch
  • Gravel Pickers 20 IC
  • Don Q 20 IC
  • 25 SSH IC / 5 Burpees OYO
  • 20 SSH IC / 4 Burpees OYO
  • 15 SSH IC / 3 Burpees OYO
  • 10 SSH IC / 2 Burpees OYO
  • 05 SSH IC / 1 Burpee OYO

Mosey out of the park stopping at intersections putting in a little work along the way. Starting to hear some of that good ol’ SA mumblechatter there ain’t nothing quite like it boys I’ll tell ya, As we enter the rear parking area at Carr School Leppard and Hacksaw start reminiscing about when they went to school here. You know the old back in my day we had to walk to and from school up hill both ways and there was no blacktop here it was all broom straw and gravel. Then you get the old we went to the movies for a nickel and got a popcorn and a pop and came home with 2 cents crap. As fate would have it one of these old curmudgeons even managed to steal the old Munkey Bars from this place at least that’s the way I heard it anyways. Well if you have ever been back here with me you know what’s coming. Pull-Ups everyone hates them myself included cause they’re hard and they suck. Now suck it up dry your tears grab a partner and get to work. One man works the other runs the perimeter School Buss parking lot.

  • 50 Pull-Ups
  • 100 Merkins
  • 150 Squats

Well good news Men the hard part is over or is it. Let’s get in a little Route 66 while we’ve got some smooth pavement we’ll do one of SA’s favorites Bear Crawl Mike Tysons 1-11 bear crawl to each parking lot line. That was so much fun let’s run back down Route 66 this time in reverse 11-1 Jump Lunges at each parking lot line. There were several buss stop / playground bullying incidents that occurred while back here. I guess I have no choice but notify the Principal as SA should at very least loose his outside and playtime for his verbal assaults and outbursts.

Mosey around to the front entrance of school for a round of partner work 10-1 squats and mountain climbers at each side of the parking lot. We’re running short on time so we mosey back towards the flag finishing our 10-1 reps at intersections along the way back. Wouldn’t you know it at every freaking intersection Def asks what are we doing here. I’m not joking here we jogged and  every 100ft. or so we stopped and did squats and mountain climbers and every time he asked what are we doing here. Just a little food for thought here guys. I think we all need all go in and get this guy some Prevagen. We can crush it up with his Geritol and slip it in his slightly warmed Ensure then wrap him up in his Snuggie lay him on the ol’ recliner he’d never know it. Anyways it’s just a thought.

We’re now headed back into the parking lot and we finish with one last push of the rock.

  • 25 SSH / 5 Burpees
  • 22 for the vets
  • Cobra / Superman stretches

Not too bad for on the fly quick fix hope you all felt the same.


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Last But Not Least Q Fail # 2 I left my Shovel Flag behind and Gumby retrieved it for me thank you sir for that.