• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/20/2021
  • AO: The Fighting Yank
  • QIC: Slim Shady
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Brutus (R), Oblivious, Bubba Sparks, LT Grade (R)

4 non super runner HIMs made their presence known for a Karate Kid themed workout that Daniel-son would chuckle at. Exercises were a showdown between Cobra Kai vs Miyagi Do. Cobra Kai was No Mercy intense speed and Miyagi Do was more calculated, hold positions with some occasional Daniel-Son cranes!

It definitely had some bad producing as the Apple Watch weinke or maybe the Q didn’t capture the thang well…

Anyway…this is what went down without one sad clown in town…

Warmup: Knee Ups 25 IC, 25 Ballerinas 25 IC, MOROCCAN Night clubs 25 Finkle Swings attempted but yikes!!!


Mosey to soccer field 54-58-73-75

Miyagi do and Cobra Kai
Plank punches
Plank kicks
Daniel son Knee ups
Daniel son – crane
Squat punches
David Lee Roth burpee – scissor kick burpee after each round 5

Donkey kicks
Wall punches
Wall kicks
Wall spider
Run and repeat


Thang:  Mosey to pavilion to setup the DOJO.  Spoke a little about the theme and asked some questions on ages of main characters of karate Kid/Cobra Kai.

We did a series of exercises with reps equal to the ages of Johnny Lawrence(54), Daniel Larusso (58)Miyagi (RIP, 73)and John Kreese (75) in the series

54 reps, hill run, 58 reps hill run 5 burpees
Plank punches
Plank kicks

73 reps, hull run, 75 reps hill run  5 burpees                     Daniel Sons
Squat punches

Moseyed to THE WALL of Belmont Middle.       15 reps of Donkey kicks, Wall punches , Wall kicks Run a lap and repeat….
Wall Meditation in 15 second intervals
Ballz to the Wallz
One leg down flapjack
Ballz to the Wallz
run a lap and repeat

Chest and core are important. A fighter needs to be able to take a punch to the chest and abs…Moseyed to the picnic shelter and here’s what followed

Each set finished with a hill run up and down

we finished back where we began the THANG at the DOJO with abs

LBC Karate style with punches
scissor kick leg lifts
Squat holds with core engaged for 30

Ended with announcements, Prayer Requests (Rebar – heart results coming), Name-0-Rama. and then oh yeh don’t forget the pledge!!!

RINSE and REPEAT better version of this weinke will occur somewhere soon!!!

THE QUICK WITTY – we’re all called to be Godly men – sometimes that requires striking first for someone to know Jesus, being bold, striking first for Christ by helping those less fortunate. Whichever the Dojo, the principles of BOTH DOJOS together create a powerful punch for us as leaders in this world, in our community and most importantly in our household!

-YHC, Slim Shady