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Low and Slow

  • Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/06/2021
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Wirenut
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Wichita, Balljoint, Stogie, Toe Pick, Beetle Bailey

It’s cold and I’m still recovering from all the burpee beat downs these guys have been putting us through out here at Folsom this past week or so.

That being said I find myself at a crossroads. You see even though I’m tired and score we still gotta push that rock, so I’m going to go with a low impact and slow meaningful rep workout. So let’s get at it.


20 SSH, 10 Gravel Pickers, 20 Moroccan Nightclubs all in cadence

Turn to the Shovel Flag
Say the Pledge

Circuit 1

1 round of working sets then 15 seconds rest

Round 1
Lunges 5 per leg

Round 2                                                                             Lunges 5 per leg, 10 Mike Tysons

Round 3                                                                          Lunges 5 per leg, 10 Mike Tysons,            Mountain 15 per leg

Round 4                                                                            Lunges 5 per leg, 10 Mike Tysons,             Mountain Climbers 15 per leg, 20 Squats

Round 5
Lunges 5 per leg, 10 Mike Tysons,            Mountain Climbers 15 per leg, 20 Squats,          25 LBC’s

Round 6
Lunges 5 per leg, 10 Mike Tysons,
Mountain Climbers 15 per leg, 20 Squats,                 25 LBC’s, 30 flutters

Head to The Play Ground

Circuit 2

3 rounds 45 sec. work 15 sec. rest

Pull-Ups, Dips, Mericans

Mosey up to the Tennis Courts

Circuit 3

Repeat Circuit 1 but add in a Full Court Sprint between each round.

Circuit 4

Core Finisher
1 min. plank
1min. 6inches
1min. Heels to Heaven

Head to the Flag for COT

Prayers for Big Pappy and his family, Wichita’s work family and their teammates family, Stogie’s family, Westside’s grandmother, James Goudelock and his family, and SA and his family


I’m going to finish by saying great job to those of you guys who ran in The Strides of March event today.  I’m hoping that this was the only reason that there were only 7 HIMS out here grinding it out this morning at Folsom.

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  1. Watts Up

    You said 7 attended, but there are only 6 listed…??

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