• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 03/07/2021
  • AO: Crossroads
  • QIC: Freight
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Purple Haze, Sister Act, Loveboat, Broke, Wirenut, Gumby, Pizza Man, Dr Seuss, Golddigger, Freight(QIC)

10 PAX showed up to Crossroads on Sunday. Some were shaking off the CSAUP soreness. 9 ran and 1 rucked. 1 of the runners was a batflipper and went out for EC even after having done the CSAUP or maybe he just didn’t leave it all out there like some others! All but one stayed for Q-source where we discussed Fat Ricky’s favorite subject the queen. I was disappointed that neither of my past or present shield locks, on this subject mostly, showed up. For that reason my stories may have been skewed a little toward me being a super hero. We did talk calorie count and how the Chic-fil-a sandwhich and large fries(960) are a lot more than grilled chicken(4oz), green beans(1 cup), carrots(1 cup), and brown rice(1 cup)(429).  Broke got a little rowdy since he doesn’t eat chicken. It may have been said that not eating the fil-a is not very christian like. I thought we were going to have to lay hands and start a revival right there. One ectomorph and one mesomorph tried to weigh in but were shutdown by the endomorphs for good reason.


Announcements- March collections for the service project(don’t know? read the preblast) is reusable bottles or cups with lids and socks. Try to donate even numbers so we have one of everything for every bag. Also trial run for a new Saturday AO  in Dallas is March 27th at Cloninger park on Church st Across from the old high school.