• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 02/08/2021
  • AO: The Sandlot
  • QIC: Watts Up (R)
  • FNG's:
  • PAX: Defib, Dirt, EZ Rider, Flintstone, JJ, Nutria, Stinky Bird

Between a gender reveal for my niece (its a boy by the way) and some sporting event last night, YHC didn’t really have a bunch of time to develop a weinke.  Throw on top, EC starting a 0500, YHC decided the recently developed “prime” workout could be modified to bring some work to the SandLot.  Luckily only one member of the PAX was at Folsom and showed in the gloom for SandLot.  Sorry Flintstone!

EZ Rider announced the arrival of 0530.  8 including YHC were in attendance.  None were FNGs, so only a token disclaimer was mentioned.  But there was an almost Kotter – Stinky Bird !

We knocked out The Pledge of Allegiance before moving on to a WarmUp.


2 Burpees
4 Cotton Pickers IC
10 MNCs IC (Was supposed to be 8)
12  Merkins IC (Was supposed to be 16)
Intended to do another exercise, but had so screwed-up the pattern, YHC just moved on.
Mosey around the corner to the intersection of Neal Hawkins and Riverwood Pkwy.

Main Event:

Mosey to 1st pole, perform 11 Merkins, Karaoke back beginning
Mosey to 2nd pole, perform 11 Merkins, Karaoke back to 1st pole
Continue until entrance to park.
Since there was limited room on this route, the burpees that were to be included after the Karaoke were all gathered up and completed at the entrance (5).

From here we continued on down the sidewalk.  YHC is sure the PAX thought the maintenance shack was the next destination.  But they would be wrong.  We moseyed until the sidewalk ran out and then went some more.  All the way to Riverwood Worship Center.  By all accounts (and research), this was a first time visit.  (Probably because of the lack of sidewalk to get there).

16 Squats
25 American Hammers
36 CDDs
49 Seal Jacks
Run the perimeter of the pavement.

Upon the return, Defib had picked up on the pattern and noted that squares get bigger than primes real quick.  Thus a little modifications were in order…

16 Calf Raises
25 Big Boys
36 Shoulder Taps (IC or 36 Taps for Each Shoulder)
49 Plank Jacks
Run the perimeter of the pavement. (Include the other parking lot)

But now its time to continue the squares…

49 Flutters IC
64 Air Presses
81 LBCs
100 Burpees (There are 8 Pax, so that 12.5 each)
Run the perimeter of the pavement. (Include the other parking lot)

One PAX names an exercise and runs a lap (show to know what the lap entailed) while remaining PAX perform said exercise AMRAP. This is followed by everyone running a lap.

Unlike at The Goat or Folsom, we started with the youngest in attendance and worked toward the elders of the group.  We made through all the non-respects before it was time to head back to the flag.


Extinction Run this Saturday @ Primal 0900.

Prayer Requests:

Nutria friend  – Victim of Hit & Run.
Stinky Bird – M is pregnant with #3!
Slack Prayer List

YHC took us out.


Sorry for the repeat on the beatdown and the backblast.  The two remaining Q’s I have this week will not be a repeats…


Watts Up Powering Down.