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Day: February 25, 2021

25 or 64?

YHC always learns a few valuable things on Thursday mornings at The Goat. This particular day, after a short disclaimer, YHC was excited to share a few gems discovered from the F3 “Exicon.”  Skipped warm-up and got down to business with a mosey across the street to the foot of the bridge for some modified “BLIMP’s.” (The Weinke called for “BLIMPES” but time ran out after the “P’s”.)

YHC made it more interesting than usual with the “BLIMPs” by modifying as follows:

B = 8-count Body Builders for city-side PAX while park-side PAX Bear crawl across bridge, one way only, run a lap around the park and back.  (The bridge-crossing and lap-running took much longer than expected, so all bridge-crossing exercises were cut down to halfway across bridge from here on.  Note to self: It takes longer than you think to run across the bridge and around the path and back at Goat Island Park. )  The train appropriately rolled through at the end of round “B” meriting 5 burpees for all.

L = LBC’s for city-side PAX while park-side PAX Lunge-walk across bridge, one way only, run a lap around the park and back.

I = Indian run around town square for city-side PAX while park-side PAX cross bridge doing Imperial Walkers, one way only, run a lap around the park and back.

M = Mountain Climber Merkins (which PAX chose over Mickey Mouse Merkins) for city-side PAX while park-side PAX run a lap around the park and back.  Weinke called for “Monkey Jumpers” across the bridge, but YHC abandoned that requirement given “Note to self” mentioned above.  Conversation between MCM’s led to realization that the Chicago hit “25 or 6 to 4” is less well known among the PAX than you would think.  Orange Man enlightened us all.  The title was YHC’s impression of the song title before looking up the back story, which is worth a read:

P = Peter Parkers for city-side PAX while park-side PAX cross bridge doing Paula Abduls (look it up), one way only, run a lap around the park and back.

After this, it was back to the flag.  If time had allowed, the Weinke called for E2K’s, El Capitans (pure torture), SSH and Sneaky Gorillas.  YHC will surely take advantage of the next opportunity to introduce Sneaky Gorillas to the PAX.

Announcements:  Strides of March on 6th

Prayers:  PAX on IR, most recently Watts Up; Tesla’s M; Pillager’s M-I-L; Bubba Sparx’s neighbor’s child.

Privileged to lead a fine group of men this morning,


Different Kind of Q

So, today was my Anniversary Q. It’s been a little over 200 Posts, 10 Qs, and 2 years since I joined F3. My first Q was a Saturday Q where only 2 Pax showed at Folsom. My next Q only had 3-4 show. This has mostly been the case until I Q’d Pain Lab and one of my last Qs (where we had roughly 8 or so). Today… there were around 16 Pax. I appreciate you all showing up this morning.

So, it was going to be a different kind of Q because mine always are. I always try to do the same exercises (Stogiefied Gas Pumps, Stogiefied Mike Tysons, and Mountain Man $hitters as part of the warm up (a nod and homage to the Waynesville, NC crew who named me and came up with that exercise)), but I try to do them in different ways – at different times. It’s also different because I leave at 6am and not 6:15.

Sorry, not sorry… but I made a deal with my wife that I would be home by around 6am so that I can help her get the kids ready for school, fix breakfast for them, and run around to ensure  they have all their stuff for the day. I do this so she doesn’t have to worry about them and can take care of herself.

It was also different this morning because I wanted to try a few different things out. They may not have all worked out, but at least I learned a few things.

Tha Thang:



17 Stogie-fied Gas Pumps – in cadence
12 mnt man poopers – in cadence
10 ‘Roccan Nigh Clubs – in cadence

Mosey to Tennis Courts…

Bear Crawl to the middle of court one.

Crawl sideways to face the soccer field and do 5 CDDs.

Side Bear Crawl three times over.

Bear Crawl backwards to the end of that court.

Do 5 more CDDs.

Rinse and Repeat… going in clockwise circles until you get to the end of all the courts.

Sprint back to the other end and plank for the six.


  • 5 Squats
  • 5 Stogi-fied Mike Tysons (horizontal squat – no pushup)
  • 5 Wide Arm Merkins

Rinse Repeat for 3 minutes

Take a Lap…

  • 20 Side Straddle Hops
  • 20 Seal Jacks
  • 20 Plank Jacks

Rinse Repeat for 3 minutes

Take a Lap…

  • 10 Flutters
  • 10 Bobby Hurleys
  • 20 LBCs

Rinse Repeat for 3 minutes

Take a Lap…

Partner up for Tortoise and the Hare:

Pax 1 does 10 burpess/flying squirrels/deconstructed burpees… whatever (as long as it’s burpee-ish and 10 times) while Pax 2 does Lt. Dans (Lunge Walk two steps and then Squat) around the courts. Swap out and continue the exercise until a lap has been completed.

Wichita finished off with Mary or Iron Hulks (at least that’s what I requested when I had to leave just after 6am).


For my first post at Folsom Gold Digger had the Q. I remember seeing Bed Pan as my only familiar face (though, his voice is what gave it away because he was about 60lbs lighter and with a big, burly beard compared to the 10+ years when I knew him way back when). He was the first one to speak to me. The only other thing I remember was a lot of running and almost throwing up. Gold Digger didn’t even write a Back Blast and I didn’t even show up on anyone’s list for posting until the big convergence (about 3 weeks later). Regardless, Gold Digger usually does AMRAP when he Qs Folsom. So, I thought I would try that with something I thought would be more difficult (with all the bear crawling nonsense) and mix it with things that make it one of my Qs.

I learned 3 minutes on and 1 minute off isn’t a great interval for AMRAP (in that 3 minutes feels like 5). I also learned less is more… so, maybe I shouldn’t try things that require a lot of instruction. Whatever… Men were moving (some) this morning. So hopefully it wasn’t a total waste of time and at least was worth getting out of bed for.


Until next time, SYITG…



Extreme Gashousing.

Warmup. 10 x in cadence. 1 Burpee after each exercise.


Crunchy Frogs

Nolan Ryan’s




Toy Soldiers



Mnt Climbers

Mosey up to the school.

Now for triple nickel. Start with 5 reps then sprint to the other side and do 5 of the other reps. Complete 5 rounds and plank for 6. Go as fast as you can. Push yourself. We then moseyed over to the Telco Federal Reserve for the second Triple Nickel. Then Mosey to Bank Of the Ozark for another and then mosey to Parkwood and finish up our triple Nickels down at the Gaston Library. 

Set 1.

SSH and Squats

Set 2.

LBC and Crunchy Frogs

Set 3.

Merkins and CDD

Set 4.

Lunges and Dips

Set 5.

Oblique V ups and Pretzel Crunch

Set 6.

Toy soldiers and Imperial Walkers

Set 7.

Burpee and SSH

Set 8.

Monkey Humpers and Monkey Humpers

Set 9.

Moroccan Nightclubs and Overhead Claps

Set 10.

Goofballs and Hillbillies

Mosey back to the flag for a cool down.


Great work by all. Always fun at the OG spot. Welcome to the 2 FNG’s, Lazybones and Scrappy.

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