• Post Type: Backblast
  • When: 02/06/2021
  • AO: Folsom
  • QIC: Watts Up (R)
  • FNG's: Pushrod
  • PAX: Achy Breaky, Ball Joint, Broke, Def Leppard (R), Dr. Seuss (R), Flintstone, Gomer, Mayor, Montross, PizzaMan, Sargento, Sarlaac, Sister Act, Slaw, Sparky, Stogie, Tater Hole, Tricycle, Volt, Westside, Wichita, Wirenut

During the EC ruck, Broke and PizzaMan tried to take out the Q by pushing YHC over and causing a twisted ankle.  Injured, but not out,  YHC pushed through the remaining ruck portion of the event and here is what we did to get Def Leppard warmed up for his WWC race..

23 had joined YHC by the time 0630 arrived.  Amongst them an unfamiliar face.

A FNG! (seems to happen whenever YHC visits Folsom).

This one EH’d by Hacksaw…but Hacksaw isn’t here…. sounds like someone owes payment.

Since there was a FNG, YHC covered the core principles, not sure if anything else was covered, but its Folsom, surely someone would guide him.


1 Burpee
3 Cotton Pickers IC
7 Merkins IC
Mosey to the entrance to the parking lot.


Run 2 light poles, perform 11 LBCs
Nur 1 light pole, perform 1 Burpee
Continue in this pattern until you get to the front of the park.
(Not sure if its good or bad there is such a long distance between one set of poles)

We knock out The Pledge of Allegiance and then meander over to the parking lot.

13 Squats
17 American Hammers
19 CDDs
23 Seal Jacks (IC  thanks to Montross)
Run a lap around the parking lot.

Somewhere in here, the PAX have figured out what my prime workout means and start to have discussions on the next number and what is prime.

29 Calf Raises
31 Big Boys
37 Shoulder Taps
41 Plank Jacks
Run a lap around the parking lot.

43 Flutters (Single Count)
47 Air Presses
53 second Plank (thanks Mayor)
59 Merkins (thanks Sister Act)
Run a lap around the parking lot.

Mosey to Y, we were up to 61, with 20 something PAX, so that 3 Burpees each.

Mosey a bit further for 67.  YHC doesn’t remember what was done for this (maybe SSH?).

Mosey to last parking lot on left before the softball fields.

One PAX names an exercise and runs a lap (show to know what the lap entailed) while remaining PAX perform said exercise AMRAP. This is followed by everyone running a lap.

Just like at The Goat, earlier in the week, we started with the most senior member of the PAX and worked our way toward youth.

We did not get through everyone before time was short and we headed back to the flag.

Def Leppard or maybe WireNut or maybe both called 22 for the Vets to finish us off.

Welcome to FNG, Pushrod (Chris Pasour).  Hope you continue to post.

Prayer Requests:

YHC did not record, nor recalls all the prayer requests, as there were many.  Luckily God knows them all both the ones we spoke of and the ones in our hearts.

YHC took us out.


As I am not a resident of NOGA, I don’t regularly post Folsom/Sword/Prison Break/Crossroads.  But I tell you, its worth your time to venture North.  The men of NOGA are a good group of HIMs.  You should get to know them.  (Plus the Kitchen knows how to cook livermush!)

Until next time… (And write your backblasts)


Watts Up Powering Down