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The Uniformed Soldier

Word had quickly spread through town. This time it was real, Bobby was coming home. Of course, word spreading through the town of Ranlo was never slow, nothing more than a postage stamp of the mill town with a few city buildings, shops and restaurants, news always spread fast, good or bad. The old cotton mill that was the heart had been shut down for years, causing the locals to scatter for work in the surrounding county. Frozen in time, Ranlo accepted their slow pace of life, with plenty of time on front porches to wave neighborly at friends passing by. And today the topic was their proud soldier, coming home after a 15-month tour in Iraq. Everyone had been praying, writing letters, and hoping for a safe return. Proud couldn’t begin to describe the emotion that radiated from the local product fighting for the safety of our country. Calling these fine folks conservative didn’t bother them one bit. The good Lord, family, friends, and the towns people of Ranlo was their priority, all wrapped up in the comforting blanket of Old Glory. Ever since Bobby’s send off, all 3,500 people had an American Flag hanging from their home and a yellow ribbon around the nearest tree facing the road. Each of their prayers included Bobby’s safety and family.

Linus was a number years older than Bobby, knew the family well, counting Bobby as an acquaintance more than a friend. After all, everyone in Ranlo knew everyone by name or family tree. Linus was a steady hand that accepted a number of roles. In addition to his 9-5 job, he was a volunteer fireman, deacon at the church, and city council member. He kept quite a busy schedule on top of helping his elderly mother. Naturally as the news of the homecoming spread, people looked to Linus for leadership. He was always the man they could rely on for getting things done. It was no coincidence as Linus arrived at Grits & Greens for the Tuesday lunch special, he could barely get a bite in for all the questions about what Ranlo would do for Bobby. Without proper election, Linus accepted the task and began recruiting volunteers, one of his many talents. He would once again make the town and hopefully Bobby proud.

And after a few weeks of preparation, the plan was set. Bobby was scheduled to arrive in Charlotte on a Friday afternoon at 2:49 pm. The family would greet the soldier at the airport and once off the interstate, just before town, Bobby would settle to the rear seat of the open top red convertible, escorted by the police, firetrucks and Allen Tate’s vintage hum-vee, because Allen Tate was a true American and any event celebrating America required his attendance. Linus was quite busy that day, organizing the local marching band, the cheerleaders, the grilled hotdogs, everything down to the last detail, because that’s what Linus does.

Just before 4 pm, on that sunny Friday afternoon, the police car siren sounded loudly and the townsfolk began to swell closer to Main Street. The procession started with loud cheers. The work was done and it was time to celebrate the town’s celebrity coming home. The parade would last all of a few minutes, time to pass through a total of four street corners. Linus finally quit worrying about his notes and responsibilities to enjoy the product of his labor. The red convertible approached and a smiling Bobby continued to wave at all those that had written and prayed. Suddenly the red convertible stopped. The driver pointed toward the area where Linus stood behind the crowd along the route. Bobby smiled and patted the driver before hustling from the car. The soldier was in field fatigues, pants tucked into boots, patches on the sleeve and ribbons adorning the right breast. A huge smile spread with large dimpled and pink cheeks. Linus was mesmerized by the appearance of the soldier. His last memory of the teen prior to leaving for the army five years ago was of a soft and unassuming 18 year old kid. Linus hoped and prayed for survival. But now, in the afternoon sunlight, striding confidently toward Linus’ direction was a svelte, athletic figure that stood tall and proud. Linus felt a bit weak in the knees at the sight. As the crowd parsed, Bobby leapt with both arms wrapped around Linus’ neck. “Thanks for supporting me!” was all Bobby said. They held an impactful embrace for what seemed like an hour but lasted no more than a minute. Bobby broke and returned to complete the parade. Before spinning toward the street, under the bill of the cap, a subtle wink of blue eyes offered some consummation to Linus. A tear streamed down Linus’ face. It was hard to hold back. Each week, Linus had penned a letter, offering encouragement while the soldier battled to survive the arduous tour. As their relationship grew, the notes became more personal. The two had created a more than a friendship, despite their age. And now having seen the soldiers return home, Linus’ recollection of the soldier went beyond an emotional embrace. The soldier was now home and could there be more between them? Time would tell. Linus intrigued by the subtle wink of a uniformed soldier was anxious to see.

COT: Prayers for Buckeye’s friend Joe that is battling cancer; prayers the running group doesn’t contract pneumonia running in the steady cold 37 degree rain; Extinction Run – 2/13 at Primal in Belmont at 0900 – Sign Up!

Moleskin: Today’s Q-Source is from the fourth chapter of The Four Agreements. The discussion is about Don’t Make Assumptions. We’ve all done it, assume our M, our 2.0, our family member, our friend, our boss, our co-worker – you name it – we think we know what they’ll say or what they’ll do, or how they’ll react. It would be interesting to take notes for a day and count how often it occurs. It’s built into our DNA. And from experience we all have a story (or 100) about how things didn’t match up to what we thought would happen. So how can we combat the Third Agreement in Don Miguel Ruiz’s book? We can ask questions, probing questions until we understand the wishes of those we’re communicating with. Not everyone thinks like we do – because we’re all different. So communicating and asking questions is the key.

If you didn’t get tired of the “short story” there is a point. I took one statement Linus made during Saturday’s GasHouse workout and turned that into a twisted fictional tale. Those that posted will attest to Linus waxing on about seeing Bobby in his uniform. And we all know the part about Allen Tate is real – that’s for damn sure. And a lot of the traits I included for Linus also represent the HIM we all know as the Site Leader of GasHouse.

But conjuring up a scenario between Linus and Bobby probably led you to some assumptions. “Bobby” is an unisex name that could be male or female. You may have assumed otherwise I’m sure. Bobby was only referred to as “a soldier” or third person. You might ask is Linus married? What about the age difference – how much is it? You might ask what prompted Linus to write Bobby while serving the country? Were they a stone and blade? Who knows but these and other questions could be explored.

So this lengthy diatribe was written to further clarify the point of our Q-Source discussion this morning. Even if you were unable to attend, we can all benefit from the strategy that if you want to understand, don’t assume, ask questions.

Thanks for the chance to share.

Short Sale

Anabolic Aliens or Richard Simmons?

Yup yup, back to Painlab roots.  Time for super long warm up, full body workout, core, cardio, more core, then stretch.

I started by playing a 5 minute workout video by this guy “Anabolic Aliens”, and actually stole  his other workouts to compose my weinke.  You start his dynamic warm up with some high kicks, and here we go….”is this Richard Simmons?”, “are we Rockettes?”.  No worries.  I control the Q, therefore I will make you all suffer.  I can Omaha with the best of them.


  1. FULL BODY (45 sec each, 10 count rest)
    1. Side lunge X Tomahawk
    2. Push-up X Knee Out Wolvy’s
    3. Hip Bridge X Knee Curl
    4. Hamstring Curl X Dip
    5. Seal push up X Kick
    6. Alt lunge X High Knee
    7. Inchworm X CDD
    8. Sumo Squat X Push back
    9. Calf Raise X Finger Extension
    10. Reverser Snow Angel X Planche Push up
  2. CORE (1 minute each)
    1. Elbow Plank
    2. 6” hold
    3. Head hold
    4. Left side Elbow Plank
    5. Right side Elbow Plank
  • CARDIO – jog to the stadium and do this stuff
    1. Follow the Leader…single file line; I’m the head, Herme was the tail.  You lunge walk to the steps, and do what I do across each level.  I bearcrawled, reverse lunged, bearcraled, forward lunge, bearcraled.
    2. Burpees – 1 minute
    3. Jacks – 1 minute
    4. High Knee – 30 seconds
    5. Don Quixote – 1 minute
    6. Merkins x 40….not sure why, I think the Richard Simmons talk pissed me off so I put it on the crew.  Good stuff.
  1. CORE
    1. Rising Flutters
    2. Rockers (straight leg)
    3. Toe Touch
    4. Penguins
    5. Leg extended crunch
    6. Touch & Go
    7. Thrusters
    8. Freddie Mercs
    9. Leg Crunch
    10. Busters
  2. Back to the circle – I was going to do some stretches, but felt the urge for more Merkins becuase there was still a teeny tiny bit of mumble chatter.  Gotta stomp that out.  We went around the circle for a few exercises when the crew arrived.

MOLESKIN – my Shieldlock made a good showing, and I enjoyed meeting Handcuff and Dirty White Boy.  Everyone pushed, next time you’ll all be Sweatin’ to the Oldies.  Richard Simmons isn’t dead, to my knowledge.

Always a pleasure, Painlab rules all.  See you.



Good Lookin’ Man

F3 is open to all men. Men of different backgrounds, different interests, and different beliefs. You are free to share those beliefs, and if someone disagrees, a good, healthy debate can be had. We also have stories based on how the events in our lives have played out. However as we learned again on this cold, Saturday morning, you have to be careful how you share those beliefs or tell those stories because your words can be twisted and used against you in a bad way.

SSH x 15
Merkins x 15
LBCs x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15

The Pledge

Time to split, Pain Lab with Rudolph. Boot Camp went on a mosey.

Stop at the parking lot at Grier. There were 3 orange cones that were set up that served as a perfect starting point for the next exercise. A simple Lunge, Lunge, Burpee would have required too many Burpees for YHC across the length of the parking log. So we went with:

Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Lunge, Burpee (simple right). 5 Lunges with each leg, then a Burpee.

Once we reached the other end of the parking lot, let’s mosey with a left onto Burtonwood Dr. Stop at the first street for 10 Monkey Humpers. YHC was asked if the PAX could do 11 MH. I said that was acceptable. You vs You.

Mosey to the office building down the street. Partner Up for a round of FAT. I have to have acronyms to remember the exercises that I have planned.

Partner 1 runs around the building to the other side of the parking lot and does one burpee, then runs back. Partner 2 does AMRAP of the exercise. Then switch.

Round 1 – Flutter Kicks
Round 2 – American Hammers
Round 3 – Taps of the Shoulder (Shoulder Taps)

Mosey to Ollie’s parking lot for the main event.

As a group, complete 4 exercises then mosey to the other end of the parking aisle with a Burpee half way down the aisle.

Merkins x 10
Squats x 20
LBCs x 30
SSH x 40

At the other end of the aisle, 4 exercises then mosey back down with 2 Burpees half way down the aisle. There was chatter about the increasing Burpees, but YHC assured the PAX that it would help us keep count of the number of rows.

Diamond Merkins x 10
Jump Squats x 20
Crunchy Frogs x 30
Seal Jacks x 40

Rise and repeat the 4 exercises on the end of the aisles with Burpees increasing by 1 each trip. According to my Strava map, we got in 3 full rotations down and back.

Mosey back with a stop at the street again for 10 (or 11) more Monkey Humpers. Stop at the bus drop off at Grier for a round of the exercises again. There was confusion about the command to stop, but we got that worked out.

Merkins x 10
Squats x 20
LBCs x 30
SSH x 40
Seal Jacks x 40
Crunchy Frogs x 30 (Omaha’d to 10)
Jump Squats x 20 (Omaha’d to 10)
Diamond Merkins x 10 (Omaha’d to 10)

It was at this point that the chatter took an interesting turn. To be honest, YHC was distracted at this point. First of all, YHC was just trying to keep track of the count of his own exercises at this point in the workout. Second, YHC was also watching the clock to make sure that the PAX returned on time. Apparently, Linus was telling a story about a gentleman that had served in the military. Here are the details that I caught from the story:

  • It may have involved an F3 PAX
  • There was some sort of church service
  • Dress uniform
  • And good lookin’ man

Past that, it would just be conjecture so I’ll leave it there. I believe Short Sale was able to get more of the story so I’ll leave it up to him and Linus to correct any misinterpretations or add any important details. However, I’m comfortable leaving the story like this and allowing you to fill in the details like an old Mad Libs.

This is also the point where Watts Up uttered the words, “Do you want me to write the backblast for you?” This could have been a shot at the fact that it takes YHC a week to write a back black for The Pub which includes little more than the direction we ran and the PAX present. However, YHC took this as an invitation to write this backblast so I humbly accepted his offer. I have not checked to see if he did write it, but YHC figured I could at least tell my version of the events.

Time’s getting short so mosey back to the Schiele. Quick round of flutters until we hit 60 minutes.

Extinction Run – Feb 13 – Sign up through the Pre-Blast

Prayer Requests
Sledge – Sister in law
Blart’s M

Prayer to take us out.

Folsom and My Pre workout!

Before I got to Folsom I crushed a pre workout drink that had a lot of caffeine in it and it got me fired up for the work we were about to put in at good ole Folsom!

Warm Up

10 Gravel pickers, 10 Hillbillies, 10 Burpees, 50 Plank jacks, 50 Mountain climbers, 25 CDD

Mosey to the lower parking lot

4 corner stack

1st corner 10 Burpees

2nd corner 10 Burpees, 20 Plank jacks

3rd corner 10 Burpees, 20 Plank jacks, 30 LBC

4th corner 10 Burpees, 20 Plank jacks, 30 LBC, 40 American hammers

Mosey to the side of the lower parking lot for 11’s

Mike Tyson on one side and Squats on the other and every time you cross the middle grab a Burpee!

Mosey to the end of the parking lot and partner up for DORA

200 Merkins 300 Shoulder taps and 400 LBC

P1 do the workout while P2 runs to the top of the parking lot and back.

At this point the blood was flowing well and the energy was high. Freight made fun of me because I had on shorts and a cut off sleeve shirt that said superdad but I know it was all out of love lol. I figure if he calls you a canoe he must like you a little bit and that goes for everybody that talks smack. If they didn’t talk junk to me a little bit it wouldn’t be as fun! Pizza man and Gold digger called me stupid dad lol I blamed it on my 3 kids that make me some what crazy but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

We moseyed up to the football field for some more work. We lined up along the sidewalk and partnered up for more DORA!

200 SSH 300 Seal jacks and 400 Air presses

P1 done the workout while P2 ran across the field and bear crawled up the bank touched the fence at the tennis court and ran back. That was a sweet hill and I gave everyone the option to do the hill or they could just stay at the bottom but at Folsom we got a lot of HIMS that don’t complain they just get the work done that’s put in front of them!

We moseyed back to the start for the pledge and prayer Mayor and Volt helped me lead the pack!


Extinction run in Belmont Feb 13th

Rooster run in Rock Hill I think March 13th

Prayer Request

Blarts M

Stogie Dad

Our Youth in the community

Our Nation

Thank you men for letting me lead it is always fun to get out there and hammer down with all you HIMS and I am looking forward to my next Q!

Round UP

Welcome to Tequila Sunrise!

On this clear, cold Friday morning of February 29, 2021, seventeen HIMs cheered to the freshly minted Tequila Sunrise. Before the festivities could begin, however, some work had to be done.


Warm up: Mosey to field for some side straddle burpees (5 ssh i/c followed by 2 burpees) x5, Abe Vigodas/Don Qs i/c, cotton pickers i/c, toy soldiers i/c

After a short mosey around the track then to Park Drive, YHC called for 4 corner escalators. Corner 1 x10 LBCs; Corner 2 x20 LBCs, x10 squats with air press; Corner 3 x30 LBCs, x20 squat/air press, x10 merkins; Corner 4 x40 LBCs, x30 squat/air, x20 merkins, x10 Bonnie Blairs, or jump lunges as YHC did, or whatever it was that Tesla performed.

Pax was having a great time, but were quite surprised at the quickness of the next mosey, maybe 10 yards, to the VFW for 22 merkins for the Vets. Thank you for your service.

Mosey back to Belmont Central for some 20s on the benches – that would be 20 dirkins, 20 dips, and 20 step ups followed by a mosey to the far side of the ball court and back. Rinse and repeat.

Time was getting close, and YHC likes his rugby sprints, so off to the far side of the soccer field we moseyed. One pax called the exercise, OYO, and yelled “go” when it was time to sprint to the far side, sprint back, and slow mosey to the far side. Only rule this time was all exercises had to be started on the ground. Pax soon learned that Tiger is undefeated in sanctioned sprint races on the Belmont  Central field. This Site Q still recognizes Tiger as the undefeated champ, respective of the fact that “sanctioned” sprints are limited to Tiger and elementary school boys of Let Me Run. Rinse and repeat for a total of 3 sprints, a final 5 burpees for the train, then mosey back to the start for the official AO naming.


Official naming of Tequila Sunrise

Announcements: Extinction run 2/13 9am Primal Brewery, Bottoms Up at Primal Friday @5, help Termite move a friend, now Saturday, in Denver

Prayer Requests: Nutria’s family and friend, prayer channel on Slack, Sprinkler


Naming of FNG: Welcome Wagon Wheel!

Tiger took us out.

It is an honor to lead this morning and Tequila Sunrise -Orangeman

The Yank – 1/30/21

Pilgrims Promise was rallying troops at Bottom’s Up prior evening, so YHC expected big turnout.  Pax did not disappoint.


Cross street for warm up, SSH, toy soldiers, cotton pickers, all 10x IC.  Mosey to Hawthorne Hill.

Triple nickel, 5 hand release merkins at top, 5 squat press at bottom.  Good start on cold morning.  Mosey back to main street and up hill to crossing of Main and Central.  On to First Pres parking lot.  Partner up for modified DORA.  Instead of calling number of reps, we AMRAP called exercise while partner runs to end of parking lot and back.  Exercises were hand release merkins, lbc, merkins, crunchy frogs, werkins, American hammer,  mike tysons, frddy mercs .  Good work.  Mosey down central ave.

Stop in front of First Baptist at wall.  Step ups – 10 each leg and 20 suspension merkins.  Three rounds.  Mosey to turd shack.

At turd shack, 10 hip slappers count one side, 1 min wall sit.  Three rounds.  Mosey to Yank, 10 derkins.  Time.

Moleskin:  YHC been reading a book by Trevor Mowad titled It Take What It Takes.  Last couple of days of discussed how negativity impacts life in such a greater degree than positive messages.  Negative thoughts and negative self-talk is really difficult to overcome.  Also tears down others much more quickly than positive builds.  Think about it.

Announcements: Extinction Run 2/13 – sign up even if not running so restaurant will know how to prepare, blood drive by Oneblood at First Presbyterian Belmont Tuesday 2/02 from 2-6, new Qsource option after the Yank at Cherubs

Prayer requests: Slim Shady, Nutria friend Pat, El Tigre co-worker, another Pax Sprinkler

YHC took us out

Always an honor


The Man

I’ve always felt like Downtown ranked high in the list of active HIM’s who attend.  Active Pax mean high intensity.  Today’s line-up was no different and I had my ‘how am I going to lead these guys from behind’ concern on.  It worked out great and we had a blast.

Disclaimer:  No burpees today boys and you can see I’m not a professional.


Side Straddle Hops until Purple Haze joins the crowd.  In Cadence, we stopped around 176 or so.  Mosey to the Garage.

The Thang:

In group, 5 merkins at the bottom of the garage.  Run loop up to the top and at each corresponding level add 5 merkins.  At the top do 30 SSH.  Mosey down the stairs.

Rinse and Repeat with Crab Crunches (20 this time and no increase).  SSH at top level and mosey back down the stairs.

Rinse and Repeat with Squats, 20 I think.  No increase each level and we are skipping SSH at the top.  Mosey down the steps.

Split into two groups.  Group 1 runs up to the top level of parking deck.  Group 2:  10 Carolina Dry Dock and hold Downward Dog for 10 seconds.  10 CDD, hold plank, etc. etc.  We were on our knees by the time Slaw’s group made it back but we quickly rose to plank position as they arrived.  I’ll bet they’ll never know.  Group 2 run, group 1 CDD’s……

Rinse and Repeat with Squats and Al Gores only going around one level and back down.

Off to the dark hill.

Partner Up.  Partner 1 does 5 merkins while Partner 2 bear crawls.  At end of merkins chase your partner down and swap.  Increase by 5 but only to 10 total.  Distance is to stop light.  Slaw and PH made it look easy.

Same thing, Crab walk and Crab toe touch, 6 (3 each leg) and catch your partner only going to first telephone pole.

Back to bottom.  30 SSH, plank position while JJ give 10 count.  Sprint to stop light.  I had to call JJ by cell phone to tell him to come back.  Dude is like a rocket.

Safely cross the street.  Same idea, squats (10) while partner lunge walks home.  EZ getting nervous with the time, mosey back with two minutes left, end up with one to spare.

Quick round of Mary resulted in flutters being called by about 10 count cadence.


EZ Rider says this AO and volunteering to Q will make you a man, maybe The Man.  I felt like one this morning.  Felt like a baby later in the day, but quite the Man this morning.

Honored to lead.


Mortimer relay

Extinction Run:  February 13

Valentines Day February 14

Downtown with new shovel flag


Blart’s M and family

EZ Rider, church members lost mother

F3 Brothers

Back at it! Finally

After back problems, COVID, and all the after effects I finally made it back out to Midoriyama!!!  Really couldnt decide what to do with this Q. I thought about playing some Ultimate Frisbee (a Midoriyama favorite) but couldnt find my disc. I decided I would just go with the flow and kinda wing it.


Warm up:


Don Qx10ic (No scratch that here come Leppard in late lets great him w/ Monkey Humpers)

Low Slow Squats x 10 oyo

Mosey for a bit, then to the small field.

At this point someone asked about playing Ultimate and I told them how I had thought about it but didnt have my frisbee. Gold Digger then said he had one in the car!

We did some walking High Knees while GD ran back to get the disc.

Split up into 2 teams and then of course Def Leppards team won.

Mosey back



It was really great to be back. I definitely felt like total S@!t physically but just being with all the guys and having some fun playing Ultimate made it well worth the pain. Being stuck at home, unable to do much really had me down. It made me realize how much F3 really does for me.

Nice Moon

11 men made a choice to get better this morning. This is how it went.




Planks Jacks x10 IC

Hillbillies x10 IC

Gravel Pickers x 10 IC



Mosey to up the hill to the speed bump for  a few merkins,  proceed on to the flag for the pledge.  Over to the parking lot across from the building for some 11’s starting with Big Boys and Hand Release Merkins on the other side. Let’s mosey.


We get to the Covid Triangle and start our next set. 10 Burpees and mosey to the next corner for 10 burpees and 20 Little Gumby in the Woods,  mosey to the next corner for 10 Burpees, 20 Little Gumby  in the Woods, and 30 LBC’s.  Mosey down the hill to the light pole for 10 flutters IC led by Medicine Woman.


We finish our mosey to the lower shelter for 2 rounds of Dips, Derkins, Step ups, LBC’s,  Peter Parker’s and Parker Peter’s all x10 IC.


Mosey back to start with 2 minutes left, American Hammers and Reverse Crunches to finish.




Prayer Request: SA’s family,  Big Pappy’s family, Stogie, Taterhole, Mayor’s work project, James Gouldlock, I may be missing some more. My apologies if I am.




Extinction run 2/13

Snowbird Men’s Conference




Great work today men, I see a lot of guys out there putting in the work getting better every day.  Thanks for the opportunity to lead!

Myself? I like a good mosey post! Irregardless

In this edition of The Ricky Bobby, 12 was the number and this is what happened.

Myself likes to search out new exercises and places to go do stuff and, as myself was thinking to myself, a mosey was contemplated. Irregardless of what anyone says, myself decided to show the PAX in attendance exactly that. Myself mentioned to the PAX that we’d probably go play in the Woods…Cramer Woods that is!

Pledge of Allegiance


Don Quixote

Mosey, stopping before we crossed the street into the neighborhood to explain the routine. PAX would stop at each street light and do 10 reps of whatever exercise we decided to do. And off we go…

Winder Trail – Clampett suggested Merkins (does he know me?!?) fine, we did them, like 500 I think

Old Town Lane – Flutter Kicks x10 each leg

McChesney Drive – Monkey Humpers all the way to the absent Roscoe’s house. Upon reaching said fartsacker’s house, his M was leaving the premises and told myself that he’d committed a homicide or something like that, so we did more Monkey Humpers.

McChesney Drive going back – Big Boy sit-ups (they sucked)

Old Town Lane – CDDs

Winder Trail – Lunges x10 each leg, this lasted about 3 lights before myself realized that myself intended to run Crowder’s Mountain later that day so myself switched us to Squats

Upon arriving at the AO we did 5 burpees for the train that had passed earlier and then a round of Mary until time was up.

Myself had shared the 5 core principals of F3 throughout the workout and in the end shared myself’s favorite, “Peer led”. With so many newer PAX posting at the greatest AO in the world we’re about to start voluntelling the guys when they’re going to Q. Be prepared men, it’s going to be great!

Myself out!!! Ask Roscoe or Defib what myself is talking about in case you’re confused.

Announcements: Help Termite move someone in Denver Friday at 5pm, new AO naming at the new AO Friday 5:30am, Extinction Run, Belmont 5k in May

Prayer requests: Watts Up tests, Slim Shady

Myself took us out in prayer.

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