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Day: February 7, 2021

How do you calculate a percentage?

Said title was a topic of discussion during a 24-degree morning at the Goat. Someone mentioned that South Carolina issued a press release to explain how they calculate positive Covid rates. Being curious, YHC found the details here:

Math lesson aside, the gloomy morning began with YHC and 11 PAX braving the cold for a thorough beatdown.  The Thang:

Warm up with seal jacks and Imperial walkers (15x each IC).

Mosey to Floyd and Blackies for “telephone pole suicides” up the hill (5 poles).  10x hand release merkins at the bottom; 10x big boy situps at successive telephone poles.  One additional wrinkle – one burpee when passing any telephone pole on the way up the hill. 

Mosey to the gazebo for the next sequence – one PAX names an exercise and runs a lap around the “square” (solo) while remaining PAX perform said exercise AMRAP. This is followed by everyone running a lap.  Tesla called plank jacks and took the first lap before YHC could claim the privilege.  Rinse and repeat with Flutter kicks, Hello Dollys, American Hammers, CDD’s, step-ups, and several other rounds with a brief interruption of 5 burpees for the passing train.  Time ran out just before Pillager had a turn to subject the rest of the PAX to his preferred method of torture.

Announcements: Extinction run 2/13; Q-source

Prayer requests:  Slack list

Thanks as always for the opportunity to lead!


Your Usual?

6 PAX fought the flux and posted in what many consider the worse type of conditions, cold and rainy. 5 of us were there and were discussing the route when SA came sliding in sideways. He then proceeded to take his time getting out of the car. Must’ve been touching up his make-up. Blart got tired of waiting and took off. I think he was really just trying to get away from PH’s grape smuggling pants(no shorts over those tights)! That being said he put some on before Q source? If it’s not ok then it’s not ok ever! Anyway I had my ruck sack on prepared to run SA’s pace but PM said he’d get the 6 so I headed out on a ruck. We all made it back on time where Big Pappy joined us to challenge me to a fight. I’m still not sure what his beef was this morning but he was ready to rumble! 3 more showed for Q source where we discussed preparedness. The main discussion was focused on what we need to be preparing for. What are the expected and unexpected things we will encounter and how do we prepare for them. Sargento will be glad to have a discussion with you about this topic and make sure you and your family are financially prepared for what may come(shameless plug for a buddy). Just let him know you heard about his services from this BB for a 10% off discount(I may or may not get $25 for every referral). As for the title of the BB, well you should’ve been there for that one.

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