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Day: February 20, 2021

Finally, a DRY Crossroads! QSource: Get Right

It was a cold 32 but 10 PAX showed for a dry run finally!  I think Mayor was so overwhelmed he couldn’t remember his birth name!  Moved inside for QSource QPoint: Get Right w/ YHC.  Great discussion!

Announcements:  Strides of March (3/6/21) see preblast and signup / P200 & Mortimer coming up (3/19 weekend) / Rooster ???

Prayer Requests:  Guy family (little girl heart transplant recipient) / Sister Act and his family

Beatdown on the frozen muck.

Been a cold, wet, bone chilling couple of weeks for the pax of late. It’s February. Pretty much what February is all about. The longest four months of the year. No surprise to find out numbers are down.  Had three at The Goat Thursday. it was ugly. but often times winning ugly is what it is all about. So YHC poured the buttermilk. started with a 5;45 am pre ruck with several pax then we got down to the REAL biz of the day:


SS – Burpees X 5

IWs X 20

Cotton Pickers X 20


Nolan Ryans X 10 each side

Mosey to the top of Heartbreak Hill for some halfpipes in the muck.

Top – Plank jacks X 5

Bottom – Burpees X 5

top – Butt to the street MHs

Repeat 2X , stay on the street when you’re up there.

Mosey over Hawthorne Hill for some KILLER Blimps! (as in Blimps, not Blimp)

P1 – Run to the top of the hill @ 200 yards.

P2 – do the called work.

B – Burpees

L- Lunges

I – IWs

M – Merkins

P- Plank jacks

S – Squats

Hill was tough today! I wanted to call it at BLIMP. But we showed up for BLIMPS! So we did it. All of it.

Mosey back to the park and up the hill. Guess. What. That. Means? Why ELSE would we come here in the 4th quarter of a workout. If your guess is bear Crawl Slalom, you win the prize! So we did do this thing – in the frozen muck. it was pretty epic. Everyone got two turns. After this, mosey down to the Yank to wrap up with a pledge and COT.


14 strong willed pax showed up today and did the work. Want to shout out to Liono who really put it out there today. Appreciate the positive feedback on the Q while we were doing BLIMPS. You got a Q who pushes you and you’re out there for that let him know! We ‘re not out here in freezing conditions (which YHC actually likes) to just go through the motions. We’re here to get better and that takes effort. Pax responded well. EC Ruck was good to. 5 pax on that jaunt.

Great prayers today and mostly for praises! Especially for Slim Shady. His health is good. I was a little concerned about that. Glad he’s OK. Obviously we have divided nation that needs some leadership on a day to day local basis. Boys, that’s us!

Enjoyed leading this group.

Tesla out.

Touchdown Beatdown

A nice sized crowd this morning at Folsom. A few put in some miles before we started.  Some good conversation was had. 05:30 hits and it’s time to clock in.  So… let’s mosey.

We went down to the lower parking lot and circled up for a quick warmup.

Warmup: Toy Soldiers x 20IC.

At this point YHC turned it over to Broke for tha Thang.

Touchdown Beatdown

Start in your own end zone and bear crawl to the 10yd line for 10 CDDs

Go to the 20yd line for 20 lunges

Go to the 30yd line for 30 merkins

Go to the 40yd line for 40 squats

Go to the 50yd line for 50 LBCs

Go to the 40yd line for 40 squats

Go to the 30yd line for 30 merkins

Go to the 20yd line for 20 lunges

Go to the 10yd line for 10 CDDs

Sprint to the end zone and back to the start

Rinse and repeat until Broke calls time.

Broke led a long mosey back to the launching point.  Some took a shorter mosey.

Back to the start for 22 for the Vets and the Pledge.

The winner of the trophy (football) today was… Roundup


Announcements: Strides of March on 03/06.

Prayer requests: Montross’ mom, Broke’s mom, our country, the Dam to Dam team running today, upcoming races.

Big circle of man: Pappy closed us in prayer.

Philippians 4:13


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